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Hedge funds are often confused of obtaining the same risk pattern as normal investments, hedge funds have a unique scale of risks that make them different to evaluate and analyze....

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Schneider’s paper put the risk analysis in the context of governmental information security.

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It is also important to examine procedures that people, more specifically financial analysts use to measure risk and to discuss the relationship between risk and return (Liang & McIntosh, 1999)....

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In order to find out if there was a correlation within the data, the authors used factor analysis with a principle components analysis and Varimax rotation to determine the forthright risk factors that are linked to coronary artery disease....

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Produce a BUDGET REPORT document to the Project Sponsor, who is not knowledgeable about the cost estimating process or Monte Carlo simulation, that must strictly have has the following sections (a-f):
a) Introduction: e.g. executive summary (key results within the report), project scope, and any other relevant information (10 marks)
b) Recommended Baseline Budget (excluding contingency), Composed of 10-30 cost variables (10 marks)
(This is a deterministic estimate based on most likely value for each cost variable, excluding risk events and contingency).
Explain the source of information used to produce this budget
Once you have completed the above deterministic baseline budget, then conduct Monte Carlo Simulation (including correlations). Your cost model for MCS will:
• replace deterministic values in the Recommended Baseline Budget with probability distributions ,
• and add 3 specific risk events
c) Brief explain your 3 risk events (one short paragraph each risk – briefly explaining what the risk event is. Do not discuss: causes; probability or consequences; or treatments ) (5 marks)
d) Recommendation for Contingency (explaining reasons) (10 marks)
e) Sensitivity Analysis – based on the Tornado Chart, explain to the Sponsor how you will manage:
I. Most sensitive cost variable (10 marks)
II. Most sensitive risk event (10 marks)
f) Compare and comment on the your cost results against the organisational policy that states “it is expected that the Baseline Budget should have an 80% probability of being with a range of -5/+10%,” (10 marks)
g) Appendix:
I. Quick Output Report (no marks but should be referred to in answering above points)
II. The sponsor wants to understand MCS. To facilitate this, the sponsor has asked:
i. Explain and justify the selected values (minimum, most likely and maximum) in the probability distributions for ONE of the cost variables (10 marks )
ii. Explain and justify the selected values (minimum, most likely and maximum) (10 marks) and probability of occurrence for ONE of the risk events (5 marks)
III. Correlation matrix. Select 2 correlated variables (i.e. one correlation) from your cost model. Explain why they might be correlated. And the likely nature and strength of this correlation (10 marks )

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( ) Her e‐mail led me to think that some of our readers would be interested in an essay that tried to connect risk analysis and science fiction.

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The process of the root analysis should find risk in areas like performance but should focuses primarily on systems and processes....

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Your report should cover the following issues (assuming that you are in September 2014- date of the attached fact sheet)

Step 1-Scope of Analysis:
1. Who do we have a risk on? Legal Counterparties/ Credit base. (draw an organogram).
2. What specifically were we asking the credit committee to approve in the attached fact sheet (nature of the transaction, credit need, source of repayment)?
Step 2-Credit Risk Grid
3. Describe the business (activity/products, clients, geography, competitors, suppliers, technology)
4. What are the major Business Risks and Mitigants?
5. What is your view on the reliability of data (auditor, accounting policies, off balance sheet items etc)?
6. Prioritize the relevant historic income statement and balance sheet ratio trends to be analyzed in the CA
7. Prioritize the non-financial factors causing these historic trends
8. Analyze Cash Flow statements using PACED and TANK as discussed in the previous phases.
9. Are there any structure risks arising from the group structure or the nature of the transactions provided by NBAD?