An essay on the origins and practice of both racism and anti-racism.

Most racial conflicts – as between Irish and English, Arabs and Jews – cannot heal at this point without both sides acknowledging and apologizing for their own acts.

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Diversity can include race, religion, culture, and even learning styles in a classroom.

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The head tax is an example of institutional racism. It stemmed from the belief that Chinese immigrants would be a burden on the then-predominantly White Canadian society.

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Racism can also be reflected in the ways that social institutions operate, by denying groups of people fair and equitable treatment. In this case we talk about structure and power, otherwise known as institutional racism. This includes the power to establish what is normal, necessary and desirable and reinforces superiority or preferences for one group over another.

One day We Africans will become racist just like Indians and others who descriminate us.

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Canada has federal and provincial laws to protect individuals, groups, and cultural expressions. However, forms of racism and discrimination persist. The Canadian Human Rights Act makes it discriminatory to communicate hatred. The Act protects Canadians from public statements that promote hatred, or incite hate against an identifiable group based on their ethnicity and/or skin colour.

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Black Canadians have faced higher scrutiny from police and reports show evidence of racial profiling. One study found that police described 33.6 per cent of drivers stopped in Toronto by police as Black, compared to about 8.1 per cent of the total population being Black.

I am deeply ashamed of racist Indians.Vinay N , UK No one can't stop racism.

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Although Americans think that they live in a non-racist society, minorities today still live in the chains of oppression and prejudice through sports, schools, and social media.

Many will argue that in this day in age we are no longer at a race war but how can you be so sure when you actually open your eyes and see reality.

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This we of the ruling colour will no doubt accept as obvious.”(Walker; 1997) It was very true at the time; everywhere you looked you could see that white men assumed all roles of responsibility. Canada has been fighting a never-ending war against racism in the 19th century....

I may travel to india very soon and I am well aware that some african students had racial problems in certain cities and towns.

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However, today India is considered one of future economic power in world and it has high advance education institutions included IT institutions that it's attracting lot of African students to study computer Science in India and also it's attracting African immigrants to buy cheap goods to send back to Africa.