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At present, controversy continues to surroundthe location of Kapilavastu, the Buddha’s native town, with both and promoting bids for this historically significant site. The Indian claim isbased on the finds made at Piprahwa, in Basti District, Uttar Pradesh; theNepalese, by that of Tilaurakot and its surrounding sites, in the Western Taraiof .It is my intention in this paper, however, to demonstrate that neither of theseclaims can be considered as acceptable, and to show that equal doubt attachesto the site of Lumbini also. I further propose to nominate what I consider tobe the correct locations for these and other major Buddhist sites, and to givedetailed evidence in support of these proposals.

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Nepal is the third biggest country in South Asia, with an area of 147,181 square kilometer of land

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EFL contexts like Nepal seldom provide students with opportunities for authentic communication in English. Therefore, deliberate ‘interaction in the classrooms’ is emerging as one of the leading conventions to enhance the students’ linguistic resources as well as equipping them with appropriate skills for communication. The major intent of this entry is to share a teacher’s insider experiences of developing interactions in an ESL classroom in Hong Kong while fully recognizing that the contextual differences between Hong Kong and Nepal will necessitate teachers’ own creative adaptation or re-invention of whatever tips shared from elsewhere. We shall, first of all, present the concept of interaction from sociocultural perspectives and discuss various challenges for the front-line EFL teachers to plan and implement lessons that incorporate interactions in ESL or EFL classrooms. Then, insider experiences of the first author of this entry in overcoming those challenges are shared. Assuming that the textbooks and teaching materials play a vital role to promote and facilitate the interactions in classrooms, a sample activity designed for the Secondary Two (Class 8) ESL students in Hong Kong is also included and discussed.

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When I started teaching English in a Hong Kong school, I noticed that students in Hong Kong like to talk a lot. These talks are often characterized as responses to the multiple stimuli such as various gadgets and social media. To realize the importance of students’ talks in their knowledge building was a paradigm shift in me, as my high school days in Nepal still remind me of the very quiet classrooms where often only the teachers talked. The process of designing lessons with meaningful interactions in my ESL classroom in Hong Kong posed several challenges such as incorporating various forms of interactions, achieving the lesson goals through such interactions, participation of students in meaningful interactions, and making sure that all the students engage in conversations and learn from the teachers as well as from themselves.

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And finally, there is now the growing strugglebetween India and China for the control of Nepal itself. A Chinese takeover attempt of the presentLumbini site was swiftly torpedoed in 2011, butevents have shown that is still determined to pursue this proposal. Both powers now see as critical to their long-term political and strategic aims, and each ispouring huge amounts of aid and development into this increasingly vulnerablecountry in consequence. Control of a Nepalese Lumbini is seen as essential toChina’s objectives, but such a presence on India’s northern border would beunthinkable to Indian strategic concerns. It will henceforth be of interest tosee how this contest plays out, and whether the above findings will play anypart in its final outcome. Will the Indian generals bow down to the priestlyBrahmins (who send them safely to heaven)? Watch this space.

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I trained in textile design and have always had a passion for textiles but it was only about 20 years after graduating that I had this chance to launch my own collection.

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The Gorkha soldier known for their speed and their willingness to fight till death under extreme conditions had an intricate knowledge of the terrain and were perfectly suited for guerilla warfare. The British were reluctant to take on such an elusive and successful Gorkha force, which had required the strength of a vast Chinese army to push them out of Tibet. Eventually the Governor General of Bengal was authorized to declare that the British Empire was at war with the small but aggressive state of Nepal. The time this declaration was made, Nepal was under the insightful leadership of Prime Minister, Maharaja Bhim Sen Thapa. This was to be the first campaign for the British General with the unfamiliar hill army of Nepal.