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Even though the natural law theorists tended to assimilate virtue tocontinence, they still admitted that that there was an area of morallife in which motive and character mattered. That was the area of“imperfect duty” (as contrasted with “perfectduty”). Under a perfect duty what is owed is specific andlegally enforceable by political society or courts; but action inaccord with imperfect duty cannot be compelled, and what is owed underan imperfect duty is imprecise. Generosity is an example of thelatter, justice of the former. In the case of generosity, one has aduty to be generous, but one cannot be legally compelled to begenerous, and when or how generosity is shown is not preciselyspecifiable. But in the case of generosity, the motive of the agentcounts. For if I give money to a poor person I encounter on the streetand do so because I want others to think well of me, I have not actedgenerously and performed my imperfect duty. When I give generously, Imust do so out of concern for the good of the person to whom I givethe money.

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Pornography’s spread in our country has encouraged our contemporary form of slavery: trafficking in sex slaves and sexual tourism. Though this might seem like a problem for other countries’ leaders, the Department of Justice reports that 83% of victims in confirmed sex-trafficking incidents are United States citizens. In next Friday’s essay, that a culture of exploitation and violence, especially sexual exploitation of children, is at epidemic levels here in the United States and around the world. The current administration’s response is anemic, and more must be done. She identifies six different ways in which our government can better protect its citizens from becoming sex slaves.

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Protecting human life, defending marriage, and limiting government’s reach to its constitutionally proper sphere depend crucially on the activity of the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court. For our elected officials to achieve these good aims, unelected judges and political appointees to the DOJ must soundly interpret, apply, and enforce our laws, particularly our fundamental law, the Constitution. In Thursday’s article, that presidential candidates should appoint constitutionalist judges and justices and use the confirmation battles that inevitably will occur as opportunities for teaching the importance of our framers’ design. The battle over our courts is especially important for returning the issue of abortion policy to democratic processes and, so it seems, to keeping the battle over marriage there. Candidates should commit to selecting DOJ officials who share these judicial concerns, and are willing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

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Justice must reach the poor. Essay Paper II. Is an egalitarian society possible by educating the masses? Privatization of Higher Education in India.

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