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This paper examines the reasons that motivate this author to continue my career in the nursing the profession, frustrations encountered along the way, and the importance of obtaining additional education such as a Bachelors of Science in Nursing....

There are few steps in the process of the communication.

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Communication is the process by which a sender (i.e.

Communication in the workplace is essential and occurs every day; everyone is capable of communicating and we all do, but that doesn’t mean we are effective communicators.

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Active listening strategies such as analysing and displaying non-verbal body language, clarifying meaning and accuracy, expressing understanding for the speaker’s feelings through empathy and moments of silence contribute to effective communication.

When we communicate, body language is expressed with intentional and unintentional signs.

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Often, this is consciously done; we search our minds for the accurate linguistic means to express our experiences, and use them to communicate with those around us.

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Since sounds, words, speaking, and language are the main mechanism in verbal communication, complex thoughts and ideas can be expressed effortlessly....

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Modern methods of communication in this context can be defined as mobile communication technologies, which includes mobile phones, computers and the internet....

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Words are powerful; they can hurt and they often do. The language a society uses shapes their ideas and beliefs, so I learned the concept of "People First Language." People First Language is a method of communication that shows we see the person before their disability. For example, you would never use hurtful words such as "sped" or "crippled" and you would not say things like "that autistic boy." Instead you call the person by their name. You do not use the disability to describe the person. People First Language is the first step toward eliminating hurtful stereotypes and the devaluing of a person with a disability. Robert M. Hensel, disability advocate and Guinness World Record holder for the longest wheelchair wheelie, said, "There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more." This is why I believe the best way for me to knock down the barriers in my community is to fight the stigma of disability and to make sure we value everyone as individuals with gifts unique to each of us.

The importance of effective communication in a business should never be taken lightly.

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Why is it important to communicate?
Every manager has to acquire a set of skills to make their work more efficient. But why is it so important to communicate? Very simple, let ‘s see, what is the work of a manager? … Sit on the couch … no, the job of a manager is to analyze, diagnose, plan and control over some results or objectives…agree?

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The purpose of this paper is to evaluate how informatics has influenced nursing paperwork, communication, support tools, and patient safety in a level one trauma center in downtown Phoenix.