Yep I’ve been there before and that is just in highschool.

Also the entire journey is fucking painful. I wish I could just skip to my last 3 semesters of my schooling because that is where the meat of the program is. Everything else is glorfied math and general education courses.

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I dropped out of college because I was sick of staying in school 15 years.

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My online college is fully accredited which is important when selecting an online school. I would advise anyone who wants to attend college but would not enjoy a traditional setting to check out online colleges. Yes, the cost is higher but it is definitely worth it because they cater specifically to your needs helping you in any situation along the way. From financial aid advisors to your class advisor, every professional helps you along the way from filing your fafsa to get money for school to choosing an academic program that bests suits your individual needs.

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College is a critical aspect of your life. It helps develop and round you as a whole because you meet different wordly individuals and allows you to socially interact. Choose a school that best suits each aspect of you; from your ability to pay, your schedule, your time you can devote to study, class size, what resources the school has to help you, and the time frame in which you can complete your degree program.


the student high school dropout rate will slowly start diminishing

Jordan et al. (1994) explained pressures on students of push and pull dropout factors. A student is pushed out when adverse situations within the school environment lead to consequences, ultimately resulting in dropout. . . . [S]tudents can be pulled out when factors inside the student divert them from completing school. . . . Watt and Roessingh (1994) added a third factor called falling out of school, which occurs when a student does not show significant academic progress in schoolwork and becomes apathetic or even disillusioned with school completion. It is not necessarily an active decision, but rather a “side-effect of insufficient personal and educational support” (p. 293).

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2009 figures from the U.S. Department of Education show that, on average, only 36% of American students finish a bachelor’s degree in 4 years. 53% take five years, and 58% take six years to complete a 4-year degree. These reflect the students who do finish, and not counting up to the estimated 44% that drop out or never finish. Girls graduate at higher rates than boys, and the lowest 4-year graduation rate is for young men at public universities: Just under 24% finish a degree in 4 years. Private, non-profit colleges have higher graduation rates, but only slightly.

Im a college dropout just because i dont know what i was doing basically involved in lots of fun with friends who are already drop outs!

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Reason 8 why one would dropout of a class in college.
another reason to dropout of English 1A the teacher emails bad messages to you about a essay paper, which your working on in the writing lab, after she gets too close to you in a group study part of the class, which makes you feel really uncomfortable, she may just want to help you but theirs this uncomfortable feeling about her when she gets to close to you in your class desk, she sits right in front of you, during what she calls group projects, and since in the high school special ed classes , they never normally make you go into groups, working on projects by yourself your normally better, at but of course that English 1A teacher non-DESP class, doesn’t get that, and emails you back , plus your in the process of moving at this time, and you may be thinking about how people behave in that TV show pretty little liars which you like, but have really nothing to do with her behavor, around you during her class group projects, where you get a group grade in class. you of course didn’t want to talk to the campus people about what was really going on which you feel is her reason for writting her very nasty email message about your essay 1 which you where in the process of working on in both writting labs, the DESP writting lab and the normal one, and since that was your last year their you didn’t want to talk about it with them.
well that sums up my real reason for dropping my first and last english 1A class.

Basically, that is why I feel that many other students drop out of highschool/college: too much shit from teachers. =)

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It is totally waste time, learning from the Internet is even better than learning in the University. What I see is that many teenagers (high-school guy) computing skills is better than Univ. graduate (Comp major) students.