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Salem Village had a very colorful history before the famous witch trials. It was notexactly known as a bastion of tranquillity in New England. The main reason was its 600plus residents were divided into two main parts: those who wanted to separate fromSalem Town, and those who did not. The residents who wanted to separate from SalemTown were farming families located in the western part of Salem Village. Those whowanted to remain a part of Salem Town were typically located on the eastern side of Salem Village--closest to Salem Town. The residents who wished to remain a part ofSalem Town were economically tied to its thriving, rich harbors.

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George Burroughs’ flawless recitation did little in impeding the witch trials. The trialscontinued with Giles Corey’s scheduled for mid-September of 1692. However, he refusedto answer the questions asked by the court. Due to his refusal, the court exercised its legal right and ordered the sheriffto pile rocks upon him until he co-operated. He was taken to a field near the SalemMeetinghouse, his hands and legs were bound, and heavy rocks were piled upon his chest. Even with the increasing weight, he refused to answer the court’s questions. "Moreweight." would be his response to the court’s inquiries. On September 19, 1692, aftertwo days of induring the increasing weight, Giles Corey was crushed to death. Why Giles Corey refused to answer the court's questions and suffer this slow death instead is not clear. Some historians feel that he wanted to protect his property for heirs. Since witchcraft wasa capital offense, his property could be sequestered to the government if he was foundguilty. Unfortunately, this does not explain why John Proctor and he both made willsbefore their deaths; neither would have any property to leave because it could be securedby the government. Due to this action by the two men, other historians argue that GilesCorey was not acting on behalf of his heirs by refusing to stand trial. Rather, he chose thisfate to serve as a protest against the witch trials and the methods of the court. Whateverhis reason, Giles Corey chose death over standing trial for witchcraft.

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Christians should use Halloween and all that it brings to the imagination—death imagery, superstition, expressions of debauched revelry—as an opportunity to engage the unbelieving world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. God has given everyone a conscience that responds to His truth (Romans 2:14-16), and the conscience is the Christian's ally in the evangelistic enterprise. Christians should take time to inform the consciences of friends and family with biblical truth regarding God, the Bible, sin, Christ, future judgment, and the hope of eternal life in Jesus Christ for the repentant sinner.

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Even though this book is not yet considered a classic novel, it is still significant because it teaches readers about valuable lessons of friendship, demonstrates how to deal with difficult situations and understand the true meaning of life....

They soon found that the place was visited much more by tourists and curiosity-seekers than by customers and eventually closed the business.

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In 1949, the front portion of the S-M-G Garage was turned into an antique furniture storage business by a couple who had no idea of the building's bloody past.

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Crop failures and epidemics continued to bother Salem for years after the trials ended. The Puritans felt that these events were happening because God was punishing them forthe hangings of innocent people. Therefore, a day of fasting and prayer for forgivenesswas ordered for January 13, 1697.

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For others the focus on death, occultism, divination, and the thought of spirits returning to haunt the living, fueled ignorant superstitions and fears. They believed spirits were earthbound until they received a proper sendoff with treats—possessions, wealth, food, and drink. Spirits who were not suitably "treated" would "trick" those who had neglected them. The fear of haunting only multiplied if that spirit had been offended during its natural lifetime.