Is globalization good or bad for a country

It depends on each country and its government to be able to strike a balance between the good and bad, such that it allows their nation to enjoy the advantages of this phenomenon, while also drawing up policies so that the ill-effects of globalization do not affect them.

I think that globalization is good because of: 1

Spread of HIV-AIDS is not impact of globalization, but of possibility of inter-continental travel.

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So while there is a wide range of food products that are made available, it is done so at the cost of health.

Whether globalization is good or bad cannot be answered in black or white.

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There are high chances that if you ask a small time businessman whether globalization is good or bad for developing countries, he'll probably answer in the negative.

With people traveling and migrating from one place to the other, they introduce, or are introduced to varied forms of viruses.

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11/02/2014 · Is globalization a good or a bad thing

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However, to fully understand the concept of globalization and whether it is good or bad for a country, we must know its pros and cons.

Globalization is responsible for the wide range of choices in most products that are available in the market today.

Globalization: Good or Bad

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All of which has been made possible due to globalization.

Globalization makes it possible to not only export and import , but it also allows for outsourcing .

Disadvantage Of Globalization In Education. Globalization The numerous advances in technology haves resulted in the world becoming a …

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