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It was the discovery of Sanskrit by theWest, at the end of the 18th century, and the study of Indianmethods of analyzing language that revolutionized our study oflanguage and grammar, and gave rise to our science of comparativephilology.

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A goodnumber of words in almost all the Indian languages originatefrom Sanskrit.

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In other times Sanskrit was believed to come from ancient Phoenician, but many contradictory factors with respect to this theory were there. The most important factor was as follows: Sanskrit was a highly sophisticated and philosophical language, but Phoenician had noticeable commercial features, since the Phoenicians were excellent merchants. Well, despite all, the prevalent theory by now --apparently-- states that Sanskrit has an ancient language called Proto Indo-European as its source.

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The complicated linguistic study that was done in order to specify dates; and the way in which Indo-European languages, besides Sanskrit, were developing, are not topics to be analyzed here, in this brief history of Sanskrit language. The most important thing is that Sanskrit has connections, somewhat, with most languages we know; and that despite some people believing it to be dead, it is completely alive yet.

In particular, Sanskrit was the language of our scientists in ancient India.

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But the most stunning aspect of the discovery is this: NASA the mostadvanced research center in the world for cuttingedge technology has discovered that Sanskrit, the world'soldest spiritual language is the only unambiguous spoken language onthe planet.

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Among the accomplishments of the grammarians can bereckoned a method for paraphrasing Sanskrit in a manner that isidentical not only in essence but in form with current work inArtificial Intelligence.

So,in these dark days of corruption and rampant crime, revival ofSanskrit is absolutely necessary.

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I know very well that you will be wondering many things, and also know that you will have many doubts right now since so many things appear to be extremely arbitrary. However, you should understand that I cannot give even a elementary course on Sanskrit grammar in this introductory page. All that has just been explained by me was only a little sample of how elaborate and polished Sanskrit grammar is regarding verbs. Sanskrit is a full-grown, refined and highly technical (nothing at random) language; and just as the XHTML used by me to write this page, precise rules for the correct construction of conjugations, sentences, etc. are to be used in Sanskrit. In short, this language is quite consistent, forming in itself a kind of living organism completely harmonized in order to keep functioning.

In 1952, I graduated in Sanskrit." He has a post-graduatedegree in the language.

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How do the Laws of Sandhi resolve this problem? They tell that, in this particular case, one should change the final ending "aḥ" in "namaḥ" into "o" (soft vowel). Of course, the process to get to that "o" is more complex --see in the Sanskrit section--:

Oflate, several persons have expressed the opinion that Sanskrit isthe best language for use with computers.

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This beautiful characteristic complicates the things a little, but it gives an enormous flow of beauty and harmony to the Sanskrit, which is very difficult to be found in other ordinary languages. This feature --Sandhi or Combinations-- makes this language a very special one (particularly special to be used in chanting). It also minimizes the writing, because although in the transliteration that minimization will not seem to be remarkable, however, when one writes in original Sanskrit characters it will. Obviously, I am not going to specify now all . I will outline only some laws, but you must fully understand that even though they may appear to be arbitrary, they are based on an entire science which lies behind it.