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Dryden's philosophy can be found in his work
'Essay of Dramatic Poesy'
It is in the form of a dialogue among four characters:
Crites, Eugenius, Lisideius, and Neander (Drydn himself)
They discuss what qualities are most effective in poetic drama.
Dryden discusses the following points:
I- The definition of a play.
II- Comparison between the classical and modern drama.
III- Comparison between the French and the English drama.
begins by showing the superiority of ancient drama over modern European drama.
answers him showing the defects of classical drama and the merits of modern drama.
praises French drama and speaks of the defects of English drama.
answer him showing the advantage of English drama and the disadvantages of French drama.
“Just and lively image of human nature, representing its passions and humors, and the changes of fortune to which it is subject, for the delight and instruction of mankind.”
-Comparison between Dryden's and Sidney's definition of a play:
A-The nature of the play in Dryden's and Sidney's opinion.

thinks that:
A work of arts has a divine nature.

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The effect of the play is destroyed by the mingling of pity and laughter.
3- The three unities...
Essay on Dramatic Poesy
John Dryden's
Dryden is considered the best in literary theory, and can be regarded as the first of English literary critics.
Dryden, as a critic, has a philosophy in literature.
To be clear in opinions concerning the function of literature.
To know the conditions to fulfill that function in the best ways.
To praise or criticize with clear reasons and logical justification.
To build the image of 'tradition' by comparing between the authors of the age.
To believe that the purpose of literature is to give a picture of truth.

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He shows that the difference in time and place makes comedy more difficult to be appreciated than tragedy.
The Merits of English and French Drama
Unity of Time:
The French do not introduce events of thirty years in two hours.
Unity of Action:
The unnecessary actions of the plot are explained through narration.
There are 2 kinds of narration:
The first kind narrates necessary information in the course of dramatic conversation between characters.
The second kind narrates violent actions (Battles, murders, deaths, etc) which take place during the play.

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