By hundred million animals used each year for scientific research.

Research on animals is done for several reasons such as testing for pesticides, cosmetics, medicines and detergents among other products. Many are the times when such animals are forced to consume these products and put in separate chambers where they are monitored and results drawn from their reactions. Medicines are also tested on animals first before they are used by human so as to determined whether they are life threatening or not. The most unethical thing about these practices is that animals used for these exercises under some dreadful pain without even pain reliefs (Drummond, 2009). For instance, for the testing of corrosive substances such as savage acid, the animal under test is shaved then it is applied on the raw skin and then left for some weeks. All this time, the chemical burns the skin and the animal is not given any pain relief. To make it worse, the animal is killed when the testing period is over.

The advantage of using animals in scientific research is.

“Without animal research,  science would come to a total standstill”(O’Neil 210).

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Some people believe that animals should be treated in the same way humans are and have similar rights, whereas others think that it is more important to use them as we desire for food and medical research.

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Speed was the chief difficulty. Success required having an array of equipment and people at the ready—helicopter-rescue personnel, trauma surgeons, an experienced cardiac anesthesiologist and surgeon, bioengineering support staff, operating and critical-care nurses, intensivists. Too often, someone or something was missing. So he and a couple of colleagues made and distributed a checklist. In cases like these, the checklist said, rescue teams were to tell the hospital to prepare for possible cardiac bypass and rewarming. They were to call, when possible, even before they arrived on the scene, as the preparation time could be significant. The hospital would then work down a list of people to be notified. They would have an operating room set up and standing by.

Medical research has improved people’s lives along with increased life expectancy greatly.
An example of how research on animals is like all other big business…..all about money


The still limited response to Pronovost’s work may be easy to explain, but it is hard to justify. If someone found a new drug that could wipe out infections with anything remotely like the effectiveness of Pronovost’s lists, there would be television ads with Robert Jarvik extolling its virtues, detail men offering free lunches to get doctors to make it part of their practice, government programs to research it, and competitors jumping in to make a newer, better version. That’s what happened when manufacturers marketed central-line catheters coated with silver or other antimicrobials; they cost a third more, and reduced infections only slightly—and hospitals have spent tens of millions of dollars on them. But, with the checklist, what we have is Peter Pronovost trying to see if maybe, in the next year or two, hospitals in Rhode Island and New Jersey will give his idea a try.

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Pronovost recruited some more colleagues, and they made some more checklists. One aimed to insure that nurses observe patients for pain at least once every four hours and provide timely pain medication. This reduced the likelihood of a patient’s experiencing untreated pain from forty-one per cent to three per cent. They tested a checklist for patients on mechanical ventilation, making sure that, for instance, the head of each patient’s bed was propped up at least thirty degrees so that oral secretions couldn’t go into the windpipe, and antacid medication was given to prevent stomach ulcers. The proportion of patients who didn’t receive the recommended care dropped from seventy per cent to four per cent; the occurrence of pneumonias fell by a quarter; and twenty-one fewer patients died than in the previous year. The researchers found that simply having the doctors and nurses in the I.C.U. make their own checklists for what they thought should be done each day improved the consistency of care to the point that, within a few weeks, the average length of patient stay in intensive care dropped by half.

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Mourning the broken balance, the hapless prostration of the earth
Under man’s hand and their minds,
The beautiful places killed like rabbits to make a city,
The spreading fingers, the slime-threads
And spores: my own coast’s obscene future: I remember the
Future, and the last man dying
Without succession under the confident eyes of the stars.
It was a moment’s accident,
The race that plagued us; the world resumes its old lonely immortal
Splendor . . . . .