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Although formulated at a later time, the "Laws of Manu" which regulated Vedic society, provide a glimpse into the social and religious status of women at the time of Buddha. This incredible situation does of course highlight just how revolutionary it was for Buddha to establish the Bhikkhuni Sangha at this particular time. The impact which this step had on Brahmanic society cannot be underestimated. Yet, as this essay will demonstrate, it was an inevitable step for the Buddha to take, to deny ordination to women would have required him to contradict his own teachings. Such a contradiction would have brought many key elements of the Dharma into question. It is in the light of those key teachings that we must now examine the matter of gender discrimination.

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Both Hinduism and Buddhism originated in India and coexisted together for a long time. This essay provides a very comprehensive comparative and contrasting account of Hinduism and Buddhism.

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We have included here several essays on the essential beliefs, practices, history, philosophy, techniques and literature of Buddhism, with special emphasis upon the life and teachings of the Buddha, the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, etc.

It is a practical guideline to ethical and mental development with the aim of freedom from attachments and delusions.
The essay on environment versus development is gong to be an argumentative or a persuasive one.

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Find here informative essays, study guides and practical advice on the practice of Buddhist Dhamma, commonly known as Vinaya to be practiced on the Eightfold Path by both lay Buddhists and monks, and cultivation of virtues and ethical discipline to resolve rebirth and attain Nirvana..

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From what can selfishness and egotism proceed if not from the concept of "self" ? If the practice of any form of meditation leaves selfishness or egotism unabated, it has not been successful. A tree is judged by its fruits and a man by his actions; there is no other criterion. Particularly is this true in Buddhist psychology, because the man his actions. In the truest sense they, or the continuity of kamma and which they represent, are the only claim he can make to any persistent identity, not only through the different phases of this life but also from one life to another. Attentiveness with regard to body and mind serves to break down the illusion of self; and not only that, it also cuts off craving and attachment to external objects, so that ultimately there is neither the "self" that craves nor any object of craving. It is a long and arduous discipline, and one that can only be undertaken in retirement from the world and its cares.

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Seen in this way, the passage is not so out of place and is compatible with the core teaching. We do a great disservice to Buddha and Dharma if we blindly apply a literal and simplistic meaning to the Suttas without attempting to reconcile them with the core teaching. Just so when Ananda declared that the teaching of Paticcasamuppada was not difficult to understand, the Buddha admonished him for his blindness. If all that was required for attainment of Prajna was the mere reading of Suttas, then who would not be enlightened?
A Mahayana sutra records that the Buddha once said that if there was a second force as powerful as sexual desire, enlightenment would be impossible.(10) It appears that some monks saw women as the greatest threat to their practice, rather than their own polluted perception of female form. Perhaps it was easier to remove the outer source of temptation rather than the true source. The Buddha was certainly well aware of the inherent weakness of his monks and made every effort to protect them (AN I. I) However, it is a mistake to think that he was protecting them from women, it was their own desire that they needed protection from. The cause was the weakness of Bhikkhus when confronted with their own sexual desires, but it was the Bhikkhuni Sangha who suffered the consequences of that moral weakness. Ananda, the monk who seems most sympathetic to the plight of the Bhikkhunis, was not hampered by fear and insecurity when it came to sexual self-control. "Through a full 25 years, for as long as I have been in higher training, I have never had a thought of lust; See, how powerfully the Dhamma works." (Thag 17.3 (v.1039)
It is only in very recent times that Sangha members such as the present Dalai Lama along with a minority of monks in countries such as Sri Lanka, have finally begun to reach some understanding of the great wrong which has been perpetrated against Buddhist women (4) "While the Bhikshu ordination lineage still exists in almost all Buddhist countries today, the Bhikshuni ordination lineage exists only in some countries. For this reason, the four-fold Buddhist community (of Bhikshus, Bhikshunis, Upasakas, and Upasikas) is incomplete in the Tibetan tradition. If we can introduce the Bhikshuni ordination within Tibetan tradition, that would be excellent in order to have the four-fold Buddhist community complete."(9)
My conclusion to this essay is based on the wisdom of one of the great Bhikkhuni Arahants of the Therigathas, Soma. Mara told Soma that she was wasting her time in the Buddhist practice, due to her 'two finger' wisdom (limited to cooking rice). Soma replied that it was the one who discriminated between male and female that he should be talking to. For her there was no such discrimination, her bright awareness was neither male nor female and could see clearly through his deception (8)