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Most people deal with housebreaking problems, pet hair on furniture, and an occasional broken lamp because all the friendly welcomes home outweigh these minor problems.

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Every Saturday, Pecan (my dog) and I visit a local pet store to purchase food and treats for her.

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"Borrow it from me, I know you're into animal stuff, you got to read it." Only my friends would do this, but this article is a really great starting point to discussing pets.

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Although there are already several pet stores in my community which are owned and operated by the giant pet super-store chains, I will position Ultimate Pets in the market so that it can successfully compete with the established pet super-store chains.

My dog of almost seven years had to be put down, and he was the first pet I had ever lost.

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However, homemade and raw diets are becoming more popular today because of the fact people are becoming more aware of the dangers that commercial pet food can bring upon their pets.

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The extract from "Watership Down" by Richard Adams and the article "From Hutch to House Pets A Rabbit is the Perfect Companion, Even Inside the Home" by Susan Clark are written from a different format of text and therefore have different persuading technique on rabbits as subject matter.

Pets bring companionship, personality, and gut wrenching humor to households across the world.

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She has also, for several months, been going to beef auctions to rescue baby cows from slaughter. Called “bob veal” by farmers, these male offspring of Holstein milk cows are functionally worthless on the open market. They don’t grow sturdy like Angus or pump vats of fresh milk, so they are dumped, within a week or two of their birth, at sparsely attended fire sales in rural towns, where they’re unloaded for dog food or the cheapest cuts of chuck to local packing plants. These calves, by the way, are the lucky ones. The select few plump enough to be raised for veal will be chained up for months in wooden crates, force-fed a diet of milk substitute and antibiotics, and prevented from moving a foot in any direction so that their flesh turns butter-knife soft. Three decades of efforts to curb this barbarity have netted bans in just seven states, though the American Veal Association voted to phase out crates on all farms by 2017. Consumers, meanwhile, have voted with their feet, walking away in droves from veal raised in boxes about the size of a small child’s coffin. There are, it seems, some limits on our taste for torture.

Feral cats have no form of human interaction and therefore are difficult and or nearly impossible to assimilate as a regular house pet....

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In 2007, the Humane Society caught Westland/Hallmark red-handed, and just over two months later it busted the Southern California rendering plant for dumping 37 million pounds of downed-cow beef into the national “low cost or free” school-lunch program. No, it wasn’t enough merely to pawn toxic meat on an unsuspecting public; the company sold it to the Department of Agriculture for more than $156 million, which approved it for poor kids’ meal trays. That scandal shut the plant down, put Westland/Hallmark out of business and started riots in South Korea, where protesters – fearing exposure to mad cow disease – fought a pending deal to reverse an almost five-year ban on American beef. The total tab for that outrage remains a mystery, but is thought to be in the billions.

Although dogs are currently viewed primarily as pets, they have not always been viewed this way and have had an evolution of their own.


ronically, it has been the elephant’s misfortune that people find it wonderful. An uglier, more boring, or less gracious animal might have been left more alone to live out its life in peace and freedom, although competition for habitat would have eventually become a problem anyway. But because the elephant is so intriguing, it has been dragooned into any number of unhappy circumstances, out of a sometimes innocent, sometimes less so human wish to penetrate or possess its mystery.