On the other hand there are many ways to display loyalty.

Years ago loyalty was valued much more than it is now. Loyalty throughout your life guarantees that you will never be lost in the world. Stay loyal to anything that is meaningful to you and you will be enlightened, and this I believe.

However there is a limit to loyalty which most over look.

They go on to list five ways in which loyalty can be built (see figure 1)....

Throughout the epic the importance of loyalty is addressed.

According to American Marketing Association (2013), a brand is “a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” Also, the process of creating connection or association between emotional perception of the consumer and company’s product with target of creating distinction and building loyalty has...

Loyalty is still reflected in the movies and books of today.

Lawmakers passed the 'Ives Loyalty Oath Law' in 1934, that specifically required teachers and school administrative personnel to swear they were not members of the communist party, nor advocated communism or other ideals subversive to American democracy....

Ties of loyalty are woven throughout the play, binding certain characters together.

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The literal definition of the word loyalty from the Webster’s II New College dictionary is “A firm in allegiance to one’s government, homeland, or sovereign. Faithful to a person, custom, or ideal.” Loyalty to a person or belief can be difficult at times but is always necessary.

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The focus on the customer retention and loyalty has been increased because companies are realizing the dire importance of customer loyalty and they are focusing more in retaining the customers (Hill & Alexander, 1996).

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According to Kumar and Shah (2004) the brand loyalty is one of the most widely studied marketing concepts by the researchers and it is also the most implemented marketing initiative by practitioners....

What is the customer behaviour towards the loyalty program in terms of: 2.1.

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HYPOTHESES Ho1The null hypothesis of the study was tested at 0.05 level of significance states that there is no significant difference in the customer programs to the customers’ loyalty when evaluated according to their profile....

Is there any relationship of customer program to customer loyalty on shopping malls; and 5.

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Is there significant difference in the customer loyalty when evaluated according to their profile.

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Without Hassan and his endless loyalty constantly in the back of his mind, Amir could not have completed his journey to do what he should have a long time ago.