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The study recommends that the United States reexamine the scope and limits of its war against al-Qaeda, treating national security and the protection of individual liberties as coequal objectives." (Posted 3/25/09) In "Playing by the Rules: Combating Al Qaeda within the Law of War," Loyola-LA Legal Studies Paper No.

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See also his Dialectics of War: An Essay in the Social Theory of Total War and Peace.

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Israel has always considered Iraq an enemy, but it became especiallyconcerned about Iraq in the mid-1970s, when France agreed to provide Saddamwith a nuclear reactor. For good reason, Israel worried that Iraq mightuse the reactor as a stepping-stone to building nuclear weapons. Respondingto the threat, in 1981, the Israelis bombed the Osirak reactor before itbecame operational.16 Despite this setback, Iraq continued working on itsnuclear program in dispersed and secret locations. This situation helpsexplain IsraelÕs enthusiastic support for the first Gulf War in1991; its main concern was not to push Iraqi troops out of Kuwait but totopple Saddam and especially to make sure that Iraq's nuclear program wasdismantled.17 AIthough the United States did not remove Saddam from power,the UN inspections regime imposed on Baghdad after the war reduced - butdid not eliminate - Israel's concerns In fact, Ha'aretz reported on February26, 2001, that "Sharon believes that Iraq poses more of a threat toregional stability than Iran, due to the errant, irresponsible behaviorof Saddam Hussein's regime.''18

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Sharon's comments notwithstanding, by early 2002, when it was becomingincreasingly apparent that the Bush administration was thinking seriouslyabout another war against Iraq, some Israeli leaders told U.S. officialsthat they thought .ran was a greater threat.19 They were not opposed totopppling Saddam, however, and Israel's leaders, who are rarely reticentwhen it conles to giving their American counterparts advice, never triedto convince

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(Posted 12/21/08) In

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As US military casualties mount daily in Iraq, with an unofficial estimateof 2579 US deaths by August 1st, 2006,10 as the military costs of the warnear 300 billion11 and further undermine the US economy, the American publichas become disenchanted with the Bush Administration. As the public investigationsproceeded, the operations of the OSP, and the identity of its architectsand propagandists who promoted the US war against Iraq and for Israel'ssupremacy were made public.

101. Elliott and Carney,

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17. Joel Brinkley, "Confrontation in the Gulf: Israelis Worriedby U.S. Restraint," New York Times August 30, 1990; Joel Brinkley,"Top Israelis Warn of Deep Worry over Diplomatic Accord in Gulf,"New York Times, December 4, 1990; Hugh Carnegy, "Pullout Not Enough,Says Israel," Financial Times, January 10, 1991; Sabra Chartrand,"Israel Warns Against a Gulf Retreat" New York Times, December6, 1990; Jackson Diehl, "Israelis Fear Iraqi Threat Will Endure,"Washington Post, August 29, 1990; Rowland Evans and Robert Novak, "Israel'sCall for Action," Washington Post, August 24, 1990; Michael Massing,"The Way to War," New York Review of Books, March 28, 1991; MartinMerzer, "Israel Hopes Diplomacy Won't Let Iraqi Stay in Power,"Miami Herald, August 29, 1990; and "Sharon to Americans: BlastIraqis Immediately,"Jerusalem Post, August 12, 1990.

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The recent dedication of George W

{p. 230} was never any doubt about its ability to oust Saddam if itso chose. The United States had not only won the long Cold War, it hadalso enjoyed a remarkable run of military successes after 1989: defeatingIraq handily in 1991, halting the Balkan bloodletting in 1995, and beatingSerbia in 1999. The rapid ouster of the Taliban in the immediate aftermathof 9/11 reinforced an image of military invincibility and made it harderfor skeptics on Iraq to convince others that going to war was unecessaryand unwise. Americans were also shocked and alarmed by 9/11, and many oftheir leaders were convinced that the United States could not allow evenremote dangers to grow in an era when terrorists might acquire WMD. Thosewho favored war believed that toppling Saddam would convince other roguestates that America was simply too powerful to oppose and compel theseregimes to conform to U.S. wishes instead. In the period before the war,in short, the United States was simultaneously powerful, confident of itsmilitary prowess, and deeply worried about its own security - a dangerouscombination.2