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Kevin smiles as he says this, and as my mind reels a bit from the complexity involved in brewing, I found myself feeling again like he is a bit of an alchemist, pulling off the magic trick of making art from science, soul from technique. But of course the magician’s greatest trick is to perform so flawlessly that you never wonder what he did or how he did it, you just enjoy the experience.

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“You can tell a lot by how beer tastes,” Kevin tells me. In every sip of the beer he brews, Kevin can taste some aspect of his process. And as I learned, regular, rigorous tasting of his beer, allows him to continuously refine and perfect his brewing. It started at UC-Davis, where Kevin completed the Master Brewer Program degree in 2009, then became a regular part of his brewing process when he instituted a tasting program as Head Brewer at Hangar 24.

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