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The increased carbon dioxide amount in the atmosphere that causes global warming is a cause of concern for many people because of its potential dangerous effects to the Earth and the environment....

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Many scientists think that pollution is the cause of global warming and the greenhouse effect.

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The lavishness of the tax-funded, aviation-fuelled,international junkets enjoyed by the global warming priesthood, contrasted withthe frugal gatherings of their relatively impotent scientific opponents, is thevery stuff of mediaeval satire. Just as Rabelais had to go into hiding from theanger of the priesthood of his time, so critics of the new religion are largelyconfined to the interstices of the internet. As ever, wealth and power determinethe ability to propagate one’s views. It might be some small compensation formembers of the resistance, cowering in the electronic , thathistory remembers the name of Rabelais, while his persecutors are forgotten.

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I plan to break up the paper into three sections that contains what global warming is and how it affects the world, the United States problems and conflicts with other counties about this subject, and my own conclusion based on the information I have found.

No matter how you call it, “global warming” or “climate disruption”, its effects are all the same.

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Global warming is one of the most serious issues that world is facing today. What are the causes of global warming and what measures can government and individuals take to tackle the issue. What are the causes, effects and solutions to global warming? Here is “PTE & IELTS – Global Warming Sample Essay Causes, Effects, Solutions.” Global warming has become one of the most serious issues from last few years. Probably this is the most worrying threat to our planet. […]

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One of the most notorious demagogues of the godlessreligion is Al Gore. He is certainly no great orator, but he makes up for itwith chutzpah. His disregard for truth is exemplified by his characteristic andubiquitous pose in front of a satellite photograph of hurricane Katrina. Evensome of the most vehement climate “scientists” refrain from connecting thatparticular isolated and monstrously tragic event with global warming. Likewisehis Old Testament style prophecies of further disasters, such as floods due to arise in sea level, greatly exceed the more modest claims of the“professionals”. As in the overthrow of the cities of the plain and otherbiblical prophecies, Gore promises a rain of fire and brimstone on us, unless wechange our ways.

Numerous studies agree, that people are the reason global warming has gotten out of control and people need to figure out how to stop it.

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We must stop Global warming because global warming is causing problems on the earth and every creature living on it such as raising of water, climate change, and Aquatic animal danger however there are some good effects too....

On another note, global warming is an issue that is having effects on almost all aspects of our environment.

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With power comes patronage. At its best this has producedgreat architecture and art. At its worst it produces vast acres of ugly, worsethan useless windmills and rigidly controlled research. What passed asscientific research a quarter of a century ago now barely exists. To getfunding, your project has to conform to one of the mantra descriptions, such as“sustainable development”. Doubters are afraid to speak out. Theirinstitutions are dependent on millions in grants at the disposal of greenofficials to obtain “appropriate” results relevant to global warming andrelated scares. When your institution is involved in a fight for survival, youdo not rock the boat.

Over the years, scientists have conducted experiments to understand the causes and effects of global warming and they have searched for solutions.

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There is evidence that global warming has occurred in the atmosphere, however, now we are beginning to see its effects in the world’s oceans, as well....