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The personal essay is typically the most daunting portion of the college application

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The article I chose was the essay written by Marty Nemko, “We send too many students to college”....

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Drugs are so prevalent and widely-used on college campuses around the country for various reasons, but it is important that we reduce the amount of drug abuse by students....

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I have a query regading a “agree-disagree” essay topic that i practised from your site.
It says “It is often said that governments spend too much money on projects to protect wildlife, while there are other problems that are more important. Do you agree or disagree?

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So my idea here is to disagree and say that i beleive the govt is not spending too much money on conservation and that is is deserved. So i have made both paragraphs on the importance of wildlife only which justifies govt spend. I hope it is OK to not mention anything in this essay and discuss about “other problems that are more important” , since my arguement is quite in favur of wildlife conservation.

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Hi Liz,
my opinion of this essay topic is that physical education is important, but it is also crucial to maintain balanced diet. So combination of physical and diet in the key to weight control.

Free college campuses papers, essays, and research papers.

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In Caroline Bird’s essay “College is a Waste of Time and Money,” she examines how college has been viewed for so long as the best place to send high school grads no matter whether they actually want to go or not....

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If failure was punished, in college my writing teacher would just grade the essays from his students and if the essay was not what he was looking for he would just fail it instead of giving advice to his students on ways for them to improve their writing....

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Hi, I have a doubt. For an agree/disagree essay, and if only one opinion is mentioned in the question, Do I still have to write about both sides of the topic? ( I mean advantages and disadvantages or only the ones we agree or disagree)