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Children’s day in India is celebrated on 14th November on the occasion of our Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. There are lots of things we can talk on Pt. Nehru and his affection towards children. We are here providing detailed information on children’s day in form of essays in simple language. These essays are divided in two categories, Long Essay on Children’s Day and Short Essays on Children’s day that can be much beneficial for all age group of students regarding their school assignment or essay competition.

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The whole world is celebrating the Children’s day on November 20 to honour the children universally. In India we are glorifying the Children’s day on November 14, on the birthday of our first Prime Minister of free India. Every year on this day many schools conducts the Essay competition to the children and announce the winners on this day. If you are school is following the same process, you can glance at our Children’s day Essay 2015 together with the Children’s Day Speech.

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In this essay I intend to argue that it is ethically appropriate to inform children who are conceived by means of an egg or sperm donor of their biological origins and, in the case that they wish to know, the identity of their non-social, biological parent....

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A child has a Special way of adding joy to everyday. For every child in India we honour you with our greeting on this Children day. On the day of our Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday we are celebrating the Children’s day. He urges the several freedom moments with Mahatma Gandhi during the time of freedom struggle. Nehru elaborates the policies of the congress and future India by his leadership in 1929. Nehru was called as chacha Nehru and chachaji which means uncle by the children. He likes the Children very much and he distributes the sweets to the children on his birthday. In his love for children that made India to celebrate the Children’s day on his birthday. The most of the schools conducts the cultural acts on this day; many students participate in the games conducted by school on this day. Some students play the shit on Jawaharlal Nehru. Children’s day was famous with the Bal Divas Speech and essay competition conducted in this day.

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Children’s day is celebrated with fun and frolic activities for giving a tribute and honour to every child’s favourite “Chacha Nehru”. This day is actually for celebration of childhood, we all have a child in ourselves which comes out on this day and want to enjoy and be happy. Various cultural functions and programs are organized on this day at different places of country for children like debate or quiz contest, drawing competition for small kids, picnics and small distance tours for students, arrangement of small fair at school by students, etc. Orphanage children and children in slums are offered food, clothes, toys and stationary on this occasion.