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The reasons for cheating on college exams has many facets, however the behavior not only impacts the cheater but, has unintended consequences, which can affect others as well.

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with an individual you should be committed. You shouldn’t be going around behind each others backs seeing other individuals. What especially makes me mad is when a person in a marriage and they cheat on the spouse. What happened to the saying “till death do us part.” There are those very few who actually commit to that. Others end up cheating or ending up in divorce. I say that if your gonna cheat don’t be in a relationship.

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Throughout my school life since first grade, till now i’ve always encountered cheaters. I remember myself studying for a test for hours, then came the test days when id be sitting there taking my test and I look up and see a handful of individuals looking over at other peoples tests. It would make me mad to have studied for so long just to have someone look over my shoulder and take all my answers. When the grades would come back the cheaters always seemed to get a higher grade then the individuals who actually studied. Its not fair to the ones who actually took the time to learn the material and study. There are those individuals who cheat their whole way through school then when it comes to college and having huge classes and assignments outside of class. The true colors of the cheaters come out and they have a hard time being on there own.

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A buy research essay number of student-athletes go to school for little or no income predicated on their athletic accomplishments in high-school. Where you operate attend the school or university. Many colleges universities have programs that permit entire time (and occasionally part-time) biy to wait college at that institution at no cost.

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A 2005 poll of 12,000 college graduates in the contiguous United States with a 62% response rate showed the following: 45% of all students cheated on an examination that counted toward 10-20% of their grade and 51% cheated on an exam that counted toward 33-50% of their final grade.

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Cheating is wrong, its something that shouldn’t be done. Wether its in a relationship or in school work. If your going to be in a relationship you need to stay committed. If your going to cheat then you shouldn’t be in a relationship at all. Along with school people need to learn how to do work on their own. There will be a day that you cant rely on another individual to do your work. Although there will be those people who still have lie after lie. Then have other lies to cover up those lies. I believe people should be themselves.

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What makes cheaters want to cheat. whether its on a test ,relationship, or just life in general. There are cheaters around us everyday and they seem to always get away with it. Others are not so lucky and actually get caught. I personally think its wrong. You should be yourself and not worry about what other people want you to be. Be yourself and not the cheater.