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A staple in Northern Italy, polenta enjoys its greatest popularity among Venetians! Originally known as part of ‘cucina povera’ (food of the poor), polenta is interestingly now considered to be a gourmet, upscale food! Ah, that creamy, golden pool of ground semolina cornmeal that results from 30 to 45 minutes of constant stirring with a ‘mescala’, wooden stirring stick! Venetians prefer polenta over pasta (although they do have pasta dishes).

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During these times the Kingdom of Italy offered to purchase Venetia from the Austrian Empire.

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The policy makers of the Kingdom of Italy may have hoped for a sincere, if reluctant, relinquishment of Venetia, Trentino, and Venezia Giulia, by an Austrian Empire that had been checked in war and considered that Italian opposition would help to ensure that such a check was delivered.

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Although the Austriansthemselves subsequently offered Venetia to the Italian Kingdom inreturn for mere neutrality the Treaty with Prussia wasmaintained.
The policy makers of the Kingdom of Italy may have hoped to secure other areas of perceived "Italia Irredente - Unredeemed italy") such as Trentino (with Alto Adige or South Tyrol) and Venezia Giulia (a territory that included Trieste - a notably important seaport) in addition to Venetia as a result of direct "Italian" involvement.

He is a malignant, vengeful character, consumed with venomous malice1; a picture of callous, unmitigated villainy, deaf to every appeal of humanity2.

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This is the Venetians’ contribution to the pasta of Italy. It is similar to spaghetti pasta noodles, except slightly thicker with a small hole in the middle. Bigoli is also slightly darker than regular pasta because it is made of whole wheat flour.

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One such person, Daniele Manin, who had been the leader of the Venetian Republic in defiance of Austria during 1848-9, signalled a conditional acceptance of Italian monarchy in the Italian peninsula in a statement addressed to Victor Emmanuel II which appeared in the Italian Republican press in September 1855.

"If regenerated Italy must have a king, there must be only one, and that one the king of Piedmont ...

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Asiago is one of Italy’s finest sharp cheese specialties that comes from Veneto’s famous cow’s milk cheese. Asiago is now one of the most popular imported Italian cheeses in the States today and one of my personal favorites. I must try this cheese as fresh as I can find it in Venice!

The Fondazione Giorgio Cini is a non-profit cultural institution based in Venice, Italy

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Lake Garda is one of northern Italy's most popular tourist destinations. Tyroleans and Bavarians regard it as a home away from home only a few hours' drive to the south, while the advent of cheaper flights to the many nearby airports has increased the attraction for those hailing from the north of Europe.

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But everyone you know is busy coming and going from Italy... and they're all bragging about what a wonderful time they had there. And for the rest of your life, you will say "Yes, that's where I was supposed to go. That's what I had planned."

From Florence to Venice, food and dining is an integral and cultured part of Italy’s background, ..

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The quiet side of the Castello is along the via Garibaldi which is Napoleon’s legacy of urban planning. The Giardini Pubblici is perhaps the only place in Venice for those who are yearning for a bit of greenery located near the San Pietro di Castello which was the official basilica of Venice until 1807, when the honor was transferred to San Marco. This is just a start to the endless trove of artistic and historic treasures to be found in Venice.Viva Venezia!Have you traveled to Venice or anywhere else in Italy?