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The CD of the concert (DG 431 768) remains only a grim deathbed memory, best forgottenin favor of more vital souvenirs of a fabulous career. Bernstein's true final legacy liesin the valediction of his late recordings, which exemplify all he had lived for as anartist and as a human being. Ever the egoist, Bernstein tried to thwart death through afinal concert and to defy mortality through the permanence of recordings. Ever theexplorer, Bernstein's final records transcended tradition to blaze musical paths that noprevious conductor had dared to attempt. Ever the teacher, Bernstein imparted a greatfinal lesson through his deeply inspired and passionate interpretations of power,conviction and truth. Ever the visionary, Bernstein devoted himself to a musical ecstasythat would inspire the artistic outlook of future generations. And ever the humanitarian,Bernstein poured every last drop of his life into the redemptive power of music for thesake of all mankind.

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Ah! September! The air is filled with optimism and the possibilities appear limitless! Like January 1st, the beginning of the school year opens the door to reinvention. It is the perfect moment to pause, reflect, assess, and plan. A clean slate is laid before us and everything is possible.

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Lately I have been talking to all my friends about my new favourite podcast, . I thoroughly enjoy the wise and practical advice that the sisters/authors and deliver with charming candidness and good humor. I have become a loyal listener from the very first episode in which Ms. Rubin elaborates on the “argument of the growing heap.” This was extremely interesting to me, being about one of the most important aspects of the discipline of violin playing and one about which I have been thinking about so much lately.

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7/1/2010 · I was planning on writing about my personal experiences with learning the violin, and how much I enjoy playing it. or no?

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One of my favorite things about my career choice is that I get to meet incredible artists/humans with inspiring minds and beautiful souls! Stephen Sitarski is one of those people! I have for a long time been a big fan of his amazing violin playing and I have a huge respect for him as a person. I feel incredibly fortunate that he has allowed me to share his wonderful insight on practicing here on my blog. Please visit is website (), read through his awesome posts on Facebook (), and most definitely try to catch one of his concerts if you’re nearby! More information on him and his career below. And now, on to Steve!

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Sometimes, one of the hardest thing about practicing the violin is to actually start. For most people, procrastination is often the sign of an underlying problem. For a violinist, it can stem from a fear of failure, a feeling of inadequacy, a lack of motivation, and/or discouragement in the face of the amount of work ahead. Playing the violin, or any musical instrument, is a deeply personal experience. At the root of it all is a deep love for music. Then, after years of hard work, discipline, and sacrifices, it becomes an intrinsic part of who we are. One feels exposed, revealed. The never ending pursuit of perfection combined with accumulating deadlines can often make the climb to the mountain top seem way too steep. Sometimes, it is simply scary because we usually put a huge amount of pressure on ourselves and, for this reason, the violin resting in the case becomes a feared object embodying a large panoply of frustrations and insecurities.

The violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family in regular use. Smaller violin-type instruments are known, including the violino piccolo and the kit violin, but these are virtually unused in the 2010s.

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After discussing my philosophy as a teacher in the , I would like to turn my attention to the second partner in the musical team: the student. Having been there myself, I realize how easy it is for students to forget the critical importance of their active participation in the process. Not only in violin playing, but in all other subjects, students often approach lessons/classes in a passive state, showing up ready to take in what is to be offered but without having done thorough preparatory work.