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Artists as well as the record companies need to see the growth of technology as a good thing, and use it to their advantage so they do not miss out on the inevitable benefits.

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Cloning is a form of asexual reproduction where the offspring is replicated from another. Human cloning is the asexual reproduction of a human being. If it were allowed, the nuclear material from a human somatic cell would be introduced into the egg (President’s Council on Bioethics, 2003). Cloning can be done either for biomedical research or for reproductive purposes. For whatever reason it is done, it cannot be justified. There are people who believe that every problem has a solution. Scientists are no exception. Some of them believe that they can provide a solution even to death. Some have gone as far as trying to recreate human life.

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Cloning presents both spiritual and moral ethical issues. Many people are opposed to the idea and there is much controversy on the issue. Relying on science to solve all problems is a little short sighted because it has been known to fail in the past. Another disadvantage of cloning is that it would lead to abnormal babies. Scientists have not come up with a way to clone a perfect human being. The animals that have so far been cloned have had problems with their organs. Some of them have had brain defects, while others have had cardiovascular problems and other diseases. There is no need of bringing such a person in the world, only for him or her to suffer and live his or her short life in pain.

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People are created different for a reason. Being different and having different personalities is what makes human beings so unique. Cloning would make people lose their sense of individuality and their uniqueness. Cloning creates an exact replica of a person. It could also cause a lot of damage to families. Families would cease to be what they are since everyone would see cloning as a way out. There would be no need for people to get married or to procreate for the sake of having children. Indeed, the process of procreation would take place in a hospital or lab and everything would seem okay. This is another aspect of humanity that would be lost (Turner, 1997).

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There are others who have aged prematurely, some have had their immune systems fail and still most have died prematurely. Much research will have to be done on that. The person that would be cloned would have many health risks due to the mutation of genes. The scientists who advocate for the method of human cloning would use adults to get the genetic material. This would present other challenges. It is not known whether the cells would continue to grow old once the embryo starts growing. People would have to wait for a long time before some of the side effects can be noticed.

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Pigs may be able to grow replacement organs for use in human transplant surgery. The pigs would first have human genes inserted into their cells so that the organs would not be rejected when transplanted into a human. Inserting human genes into a pig is very difficult. Once it has been done successfully the pig would be cloned so that many copies of the organ could be grown.

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Death is a part of human life. Everyone grows up knowing that it will affect him or her in one way or another. As children grow up, they are taught that people go away. Cloning would present a false idea to them. For them, and for many other people, it would mean that death is an illusion or something that can be wished away. They would later learn the hard way when the human cloning experiment has failed and it might be hard for them to cope. Medically, cloning would interfere with people’s ability to fight disease. The earlier experiments of cloning animals have failed. All the animals that were cloned died of disease. This is because their bodies were not as strong as they would have been.