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An effectively written report is one that has a logical flow of ideas and is cohesive. This means the report works as a unified whole; for example, it contains links between and within its sentences, paragraphs and sections, it is easy to follow and it uses language to maintain the report's focus and to direct the reader.

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An effective report presents and analyses facts and evidence that are relevant to the specific problem or issue of the report brief. All sources used should be acknowledged and referenced throughout, in accordance with the preferred method of your department/university. The style of writing in a report is usually less discursive than in an essay, with a more direct and economic use of language. A well written report will demonstrate your ability to:

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Writing is like air: no matter who or what someone is, they need it, but it’s not usually the best quality. I would like to regain my confidence and write more fluently in all forms of writing. If I can apply those simple steps to overcoming writer’s block to my papers, I think my report writing will be dramatically improved. Although I am still more comfortable free-writing, I believe I will be able to write my papers more fluently and effective.

Writing effective introductions . Student typing an essay. Introduction. Introductions are an important part of any academic essay or report.

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Introductions generally follow a similar pattern, even though the style of each essay is discipline and genre specific. Good introductions contain several, if not all, of the following elements:

General/background information
Supporting/further information
Filling/acknowledging a gap in knowledge/research
Providing a definition of key/important terms
Stating your purpose. That is, stating what you intend to do in the essay/paper/report.
Stating your position on the subject you are going to discuss (often called a thesis statement)
A summary of the points you are going to cover
A recognition of other researchers/writers who have written on the same topic

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It's important that you learn early on how to write effective essays that communicate clearly and accomplish specific objectives.

An essay is a written composition where you express a specific idea and then support it with facts, statements, analysis and explanations.

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Whilst there is some freedom in academic writing to include some, but not all of the key elements in an introduction, there is a broad consensus that introductions should include at least a general statement and a thesis statement. General statements are, as they imply, quite general and often give background to the topic. Thesis statements are usually more specific and can perform several functions; stating the main topic, summarising the main topic, revealing the author's position/stance on the issues being discussed and showing how the essay/report/research paper will be organised.

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Introductions are an important part of any academic essay or report. They introduce readers to the topic being discussed and give the writer an opportunity to explain a) the topic about which they are writing and b) why they are writing about it. In addition, introductions enable the reader, within a few words, to make a decision as to whether or not they wish to continue reading.

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Successful writers are able to communicate effectively with their readers, be it office colleagues, supervisors, beneficiaries, partners, donors or the media. The quality of written reports has an impact on how programmes and projects are perceived both internally and externally. A report writer’s capacity to identify what is important and to flag issues of concern, while remaining short and concise, is essential to producing an influential report.