Early marriage can cause severe problems like the following:

In Bangladesh the legal age for marriage is 21 for boys and 18 for girls. This was established with the national Child Marriage Restraint Act in 1929. However, the authorities rarely intervene to stop child marriages and parents continue to marry off their daughters secretly. Despite this legislation, the Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey has found that the average age for marriage of girls is 16.4 years .

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 The report, ‘Early marriage in Ethiopia: causes and consequences’ is very instructive:

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Altogether, early marriage perpetuates an unequal society, increasing female vulnerability, powerlessness and assetlessness, as well as restricting personal and psychological development and having hazardous health effects.

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The next generation of child wives. Children whose mothers were married early tend to marry early; thus creating generations of child wives.

Early marriage is known to have dangerous consequences for the health and development of girls.


At the international level, there are several legal instruments, which suggest the illegality of child marriage. The 1948 declares that marriage can be entered into “only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses” . Additionally, the 1979 prohibits child marriage, stipulating 18 as the minimum age in its General Recommendation 21 .

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Physical and sexual abuse. Out of fear of her parents and the social stigma as well as the poverty associated with being single; many child wives are compelled to remain in a loveless and violent marriage

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Marital instability. Because of the age differences and the attendant poor communication, many early marriages in early divorce or separation.

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The reasons behind the elevated rate of early marriage stem from traditional Bangladeshi customs and moral codes. In Bangladesh, a patriarchal, unequal society prevails. On top of this, poverty is a major underpinning factor encouraging early marriage. Young girls are often considered as an economic burden by their families and their marriage to an older man and into another family is often a family survival strategy in order to obtain financial security. Additionally, parents are attracted by the prospect of lower payments if they marry their daughters off at an early age. Another root cause of early marriage in Bangladesh is the fear of of young daughters. Early marriage is seen as a way to “protect” a girl’s sexuality in an unsafe environment.


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And the last Effect of Early Marriage is that you will build your own family at an Early Age.

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There is limited enforcement of law relating to early marriage in Bangladesh. This is a principal area in which implementation and practice need to be adjusted in order to limit forced, child marriage and its negative effects. On top of this, advocacy is fundamental. Efforts must be improved to raise awareness and educate at all levels of society from grassroots initiatives to governmental policies.