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Here, once
again, Dickens’s anthropology is virtually Christian. Christians believe
that ultimate transformation in life comes as we experience God’s love
for us given through Jesus Christ. Over a century before Charles Dickens
wrote A Christmas Carol, another Englishman had something to say
about the power of love to transform one’s life. Consider how these
words of hymn writer Isaac Watts express something like what happened to
Ebenezer Scrooge:

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A second popular Christmas carol that mentions fire it “Let it Snow”....

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The hard-hearted, grasping Scrooge found strength and
solace in the social philosophy of his day, which thought of the poor
as deserving their sorry fate, and even as being a threat to the
well-being of the world. When, in Stave 1, Scrooge rejects the request
of the two “portly gentlemen” for a charitable gift for the poor, he
suggests that the poor might die “and decrease the surplus population.”
Here Scrooge echoes the views of the influential economist Thomas
Malthus, whose theories would have allowed a man like Scrooge to defend
his greed and lack of compassion for the poor.

How and why does scrooge change in a Christmas carol

Scrooge has become the tight-fisted,
hard-as-nails man who cares only about financial gain. What has driven
him to this? Partly it’s his recognition of how difficult poverty is.
This came for Scrooge, as it did for Charles Dickens, from his own
bitter experience. And it has led him to be consumed, not just by
materialism, but also by fear. He is so afraid of poverty’s lash that he
has abandoned his “nobler aspirations,” including the desire to marry
the woman he loves and who had once loved him.

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When we left Ebenezer Scrooge in my last post of this series, he had
come to the end of the visits by the Spirits of Christmas past, present,
and future. In response to these visits, he promised to be a changed

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Following church,
Scrooge visits his nephew Fred, asking to join him and his wife for
Christmas dinner. Together they experience, in Dickens’s inimitable
description: “Wonderful party, wonderful games, wonderful unanimity,
won-der-ful happiness!”

Scrooge goes in to visit the dying Marley, who tries to warn Scrooge that it's not too late for him to avoid the mistakes he himself made.

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In English, Ebenezer is a man’s name. Today it is quite uncommon, apart from its association with A Christmas Carol.
In the time of Charles Dickens, men were called Ebenezer, though I’m
not able to judge how common the name was. So, for example, in 1840, a
man named , who identified himself as a “Corn-Law Rhymer,” published a book of his poetical works (Edinburgh: William Tait, 1840).

“Lord bless me!” cried the gentleman, as if his breath were taken away. “My dear Mr. Scrooge, are you serious?”

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Well, there are several obvious features of A Christmas Carol
that augment its easy likability. First of all, it is short. You can
read it in less than two hours. When Dickens himself used to do public,
oral readings of the book (as he often did), he’d take only three hours
or so. In truth, A Christmas Carol really isn’t a novel. It’s more of a novella, or, as Dickens himself labels it, “Ghost Story of Christmas.”

This man, surprisingly enough, is Ebenezer Scrooge, the main character of Dickens’ classic novella, A Christmas Carol.

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first evidence of his transformation is his giddy enjoyment of life.
He’s almost crazy with joy, especially when he finds out that it’s
Christmas day. This stands in stark contrast to the gruff negativity of
the former Scrooge.