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The requirements state that “all requirements” must be completed by a Scout’s eighteenth birthday. The final write up of his leadership service project is a requirement and must be completed by his eighteenth birthday as well as all other requirements. His Eagle application with reference letters and his final project write up should be submitted to one of the council service centers promptly after all requirements are complete.

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 for an NEGA Council Eagle Scout Application checklist. (12/4/2007 version)

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A series of PowerPoint Presentations and handouts on the process of advancing from Life Scout to Eagle Scout. This series of documents has been updated to reflect current practices compliant with the 2013 Guide to Advancement, the current Eagle Service Project Workbook, and the most recent changes to the requirements for Eagle Scout. The handouts are PDF versions of the PowerPoint presentations. (Note, however, that the application form used to prepare the slides does not include Cooking as a required merit badge, since the new form was not available when the slides were prepared.)

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The guidelines must not be construed to be additional requirements for an Eagle Scout service project, but they do represent elements that should appear on the Eagle Scout candidate’s final project plan from the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927. The next revision of the workbook will incorporate these guidelines.

Welcome to the road to Eagle and congratulations on your Life rank. You next step is to get started with your Eagle Scout rank.

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The program is open to all Eagle Scouts who are currently registered in an active unit and have not reached their 19th birthday during the year of application. (The application year is the calendar year, 01 Jan. to 31 Dec.) The year that Eagle was awarded is not restricted. College plans do not need to be completed in order to receive the cash scholarship. Three cash scholarship awards are given: As the National First Place winner - $8,000.00; Runner-up - $4,000.00; 2nd runner-up - $2,000.00. You may apply more than one year if you meet the age requirements but no more than $8,000.00 total may be granted to any one Eagle Scout.

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To download the required request form for the Eagle Scout Internet Certificate, .
Open the downloaded form in Word or a similar word processor and enable text editing.
Use only ONE Eagle Scout Per Form.
Use black text 12 point Times New Roman type only. Colored text will not work on their system.
Their system is semi-automated. Errors will cause your request to bounce.

During the court of honor some people got rank advancements and Brother Ray was talking about how they were on the path to Eagle Scout.

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This is a set of worksheets that you can use to gather all of the information you will need to fill out your Application for Eagle Scout Rank Award. It has been updated to reflect the 2014 Requirements, including the changes regarding the Sustainability and Cooking merit badges

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BSA has PDF versions of the Eagle Scout Rank Application (No 512-728), and the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (No. 512-927) on their site. They can be used as the forms submitted to BSA for an Eagle Scout candidate.

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The Sons of the American Revolution has an annual Eagle Scout Essay Contest, where college scholarships are awarded. Top prize is an $8,000.00 college scholarship. This is separate from the scholarship program administered by the BSA.