Durkheim focused on the dependence of others to make society work.

The criticism of religion is, therefore, the embryonic criticism of this vale of tears of which religion is the halo.� As with Marx, Durkheim also sees religion as a prime factor in the life of individuals and groups.

Weber used the focus of religion affecting all aspects of life.

 Marx, the earliest of the three thinkers, actually wrote very little about religion.

Outline and evaluate Durkheims theory of suicide.

He seeks to radically invert this conception of the relation of religion and society, making not religion the origin of society, as he has just proposed, but in fact making society the origin of religion!

Durkheim and the Division of Labour.

Nowhere in reality do we observe beings that merge their natures and change into one another.� It is only the religious practice of grouping various totem clans together that allowed us to start grouping other things in our environment.

He also talks about how all of the first systems of representation were religious in origin (p.

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In the words of modern thinkers of sociology namely Karl Marx, Max Weber and Emile Durkheim “Social fact should be the subject matter for the study of social life and can provide explanations for human thinking and behavior (p19)”.

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A different perspective might be taken from a postmodern sociologist, or an anthropologist who might look at religion through the lens of the believer--to explore "what it is to believe".

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Further, the god that they worship, the perfect, loving, creative, free being that is idealized in religion is actually the idealized selves that humans could be if we were not constrained by the external forces of society.

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As a reprieve from his apparent harassment of religion, Marx softens his critiques by telling us one of the primary purposes for religious beliefs: �Religious suffering is at the same time an expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering.

Durkheim notes that the temporality of these events can be extended by the use of symbols.

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Assisting this process is what Durkheim calls effervescence: �if collective life awakens religious through when it rises to a certain intensity, that is so because it brings about a state of effervescence that alters the conditions of the psychic activity.

Identify and describe the four types of suicide that Emile Durkheim delineated.

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In making this connection, Durkheim hopes to show how religion functions to stabilize society and bring together a sense of unity and identity between the members of the community.

Recognizing the social origin of religion, Durkheim argued that religion acted as a source.

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While the "institutions" of "religion" may be able to be explained within the framework of history, sociology, psychology, etc., these explanations neither negate, nor diminish the journey of the believer.