Is it correct to write in the essay BP1- one view, BP2 -another one?

Here, I will focus on how to develop children language as well as their aesthetic values using the adapted script “The Ogre and The Three Little Goat” through drama....

Can we write s/he, his/her while writing an essay?

As how a drama is supposed to be, the play contends morality and entertainment.

can you tell us how to write paragraph please ?

Ibsen's work as a writer represents a long poetic contemplation ofpeople's need to live differently than they do. Thus there is always adeep undercurrent of desperation in his work. Benedetto Croce called theseportrayals of people who live in constant expectation and who are consumedby their pursuit of "something else" in life, "a desperatedrama".

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This is what makes Dawson’s Creek spectacular to watch and added with the good blend of drama and humour, these are the reasons why it became the most watched show by teenagers around the globe.

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What he had earlier treated as a national problem of identity nowbecame a question of the individual's personal integrity. It was no longersufficient to dwell on an earlier historical era of greatness and focuson the continuity of the nation's life. Ibsen turned away from history,and confronted what he considered the main contemporary problem - a nationcan only rise up culturally by means of the individual's exertion of will."Brand" is mainly a drama with a message that the individualmust follow the path of volition in order to achieve true humanity In addition,this is the only way to real freedom - for the individual, and it follows,for society as a whole.

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According to Learning Stream, “drama is a literary composition involving conflict, action crisis and atmosphere designed to be acted by characters on a stage before an audience.” Process drama according free Wikipedia encyclopedia is a method of teaching and learning, where both the students and teacher are working in and o...

It’s fine to write a clear, comprehensive thesis statement which shows your full opinion.

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It is from this perspective we view his contribution to theatricalhistory. His realistic contemporary drama was a continuation of the Europeantradition of tragic plays. In these works he portrays people from the middleclass of his day. These are people whose routines are suddenly upset asthey are confronted with a deep crisis in their lives. They have been blindlyfollowing a way of life leading to the troubles and are themselves responsiblefor the crisis. Looking back on their lives, they are forced to confrontthemselves. However, Ibsen created another type of drama as well. In fact,he had been writing for 25 years before he, in 1877, created his firstcontemporary drama, .

Hi Liz,I need to know the what tense we should write an essay for IELTS.

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For example, with this essay, I started to write about students would also learn about their own body, how its functions, that foods to avoid, etc, which would prevent them from eating the wrong kind of food. -> would that be off topic? I wasn’t sure if “physical education” only refers to doing physical activities.

Yes, we often do this in English to avoid using he/she which is not appropriate for essay writing.

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The natural progression within the crime drama genre saw them showing police procedurals, the audience not only saw the crime and the capture of the criminal but for the first time, the whole crime solving system was opened up for the audience to see, forensics and legal bureaucracy where present within the dramas.