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Krishna reddy, " A critical review of the Indian, British and American methods of concrete mix design" , The Indian Concrete Journal, April 1989.
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[5] M.

sivakumar scientific research and essays!

sivakumar scientific research and essays Mr

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[3] How Heoy Geok, Taib Iskandar Mohamad, Shahrir Abdullah, Yusoff Ali, Azhari Shamsudeen, and Elvis Adril "Experimental Investigation of Performance and Emission of a Sequential Port Injection Natural Gas Engine", European Journal of Scientific Research, pp.204-214, 2009.
[4] Munde Gopal, G.

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This process is carried out to reduce the exhaust emissions at its best and to have the complete combustion of fuel from the beginning itself.

Key words: Bharat Stage, CNG, Emission standards, EURO, Exhaust gas analyzer

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There is a deadly race among the nations of various parts of the globe that each one is on the verge of attaining an economic aspect of having efficient quality that enhances our rapid and sustainable growth; but most importantly the construction should comprise of using waste product which are posing a greater threat to the environment.

Key words: CNC, Lathe machine, Concrete mix, Recycled coarse aggregate, Natural aggregate, Compressive strength, Workability test, Impact value test, Crushing value test, Fineness modulus.

[1] Abbas Hadi Abbas, (2011), "Management of steel solid waste generated from lathes as fibre reinforced concrete", European Journal of Scientific Research, Vol-No.

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"Performance evaluation and comparison of different ad hoc routing protocols", Department of Electrical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, May 2007.
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[5] Charles E.

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sivakumar scientific research and essays!
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