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Over the course of just three years, torn by civil conflict and war, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia disintegrated into five successor states: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (later known as Serbia and Montenegro).

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The term primordial is an adjective defined as "existing at or from the beginning."[1] To address the question I will discuss the way in which the violent disintegration of the former Yugoslavia was due to this, and also to the extent that it was caused by other factors for example the economic collapse as each factor can only present part of the whole story with the latest conflict being an instalment in the saga....

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Through this essay my aim is to highlight the causes of the dispute and then discuss the consequences of the split for both the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union.

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Ideational change and international practice regarding intervention to protect human rights were spawned by the end of the Cold War and its turbulence. Internally, developing state sovereignty is assailed by ethnopolitical and other challenges to the state, and externally, as a response to intense civil strife that result in genocide and massive suffering. The Great Powers under the umbrella of the UN have now extended their peacekeeping operations to include interventions in civil wars. The end of great-power ideological rivalry has produced unity in the pursuit of systemic stability and greater international cooperation under the auspices of the UN and other international mechanisms. The outcome is greater international social control by Great Powers and the UN Security Council over developing states. A critical element in Gramscian thought is the idea of social control which takes place on two levels: in civil society and through the state (political society) (Robinson, 1996; Aguelli, & Murphy, 1988). Where entities like Yugoslavia, Somalia, Angola, Rwanda, and so on, have at some point lost social control through the state (political society), a rejuvenated and ascendant Security Council, and a dominant rich North in cooperation exercise their hegemonic functions by arresting total state disintegration through peacekeeping interventions.

Disintegration of yugoslavia essay

As it was, both the Muslims and Serbs had serious reservations about the plan, the former because it might lead to the disintegration of the republic, the latter because there was no attempt to link the proposed national units to a confederal arrangement within Yugoslavia. Despite EC pressure to sign the agreement as a condition for recognition, Izetbegovic publicly renounced the deal a short time later, possibly with American support. The stakes were raised again when Karadzic announced the creation of a separate Bosnian Serb republic on 27 March.

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In a paragraph describe what this case is about. Then starting with the collapse of communism in 1990 prepares a timeline of events so that you can trace the disintegration of Yugoslavia.

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Until first half of 1990, Milosevic had pursued his first preference, which was to gain control over Yugoslavia through the existing structures of the Communist Party and the federal government. But this option had slipped from his grasp, with the disintegration of the Communist Party and the 'vertical' division of Yugoslav politics into a set of national parties in the various republics. That left him with his second option: if Yugoslavia could not be controlled as a single entity, then he would carve out of it a new entity, an extended Serbian territory, which would be his and his alone.

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The first phase of Yugoslavian disintegration can be attributed to the conditions of the people living in Kosovo, an autonomous province of Yugoslavia.