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I got Martha's old sorority paddle from my desk, where it hadbeen stored since August, just in case I ever needed it. The boybent over and grabbed his lower legs while I gave him three swatsas dad witnessed. I knew by his reaction that the paddle stung,and thus the desired effect had been achieved. I then reached outand shook the boys hand, told him there were no hard feelings,and sent him back to class. Dad thanked me, reminded me thatfuture problems were also to be handled with the board, and left.

I spent a few minutes reflecting on what had just happened. Therealization came over me that my job would never be the same. Upuntil today, I had not paddled a single student because thesuperintendent and principal didn't think it was a gooddisciplinary tool....

The student whom I had just paddled was about to tell his friendsabout the experience. The word would soon be all over campus aswell as the town. Thus the paddling of one fifteen-year-old highschool boy would have a disciplinary effect on the entire student body.

From my experience, it was like a new tool being added to mychest. I knew that corporal punishment would now be an optionthat I would use in the future. In the overall disciplinaryscheme, it fit neatly between detention and suspension. Amisbehaving student for whom detention would be too light apunishment and for whom suspension would be too strong apunishment could now be paddled.... It's not the answer forevery student's disciplinary problems, but it is the answer for alot of them.

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"We want totake care of our kids, but we don't do things prematurely."

He said an example would be if bruising occurred after a spankingwhen it was determined that the student was taking Ritalin, aprescription medication that causes some people to bruise easily.

Kilgore said he has worked as a teacher himself, and the wayschool administrators deal with discipline problems has changed.

"Years ago, you just dealt with it and got back to theclassroom," Kilgore said.

Mercer told the Daily News his school's policy is to go above andbeyond what is required by the state to ensure parents areinvolved in discipline at Belfry Middle School.

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He said in-school suspension, after-school suspension anddisciplinary essays are also used to deal with problems.

"The decision to use corporal punishment is always up to theparent," Mercer said.

in-school causes are also big influences to disciplinary problems in school
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