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In this essay discussion, I am going to compare/contrast the author’s purpose, the intended audience, and the impact on the reader’s that each author intended to accomplish through the essay that they wrote; I also plan to show that the descriptive essay communicates the author’s point of view superior to that of the narrative essay....

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A simile (/ ˈ s ɪ m ə l i /) is a figure of speech that directly compares two things

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Classic style is not descriptive style. The word "description" covers so much ground that Pascal could be said to give a "description" of the Jansenist position and Liebling a "description" of the modest threshold in the passages quoted below as exhibits in the Museum, but I want to narrow the meaning of "descriptive style" to a stand in which the writer is a delivery device, a videocamera, a conduit passing salient and canonical features of what he perceives through to the reader. Sometimes the description is cast as a running account of the writer's perceptions. Sometimes it conforms toa general template ("Suspect is a 5' 10" male, white, medium-build, with short brown hair, tattoo on left forearm, last seen wearing baseball cap and track suit"). In descriptive style, the writer is not responsible for including an element in the description, in fact has no obligation to present but merely to report or describe. The writer's justification for including an element in the description is simply that it is a salient or canonical feature of what is to be described. The writer is no more to blame for including something in the description than the videocamera is for the image it relays.

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If I ask for a description of a car accident I can object if you don't tell me the point of impact and the nature of the damage. If I ask for a description of a building I can object if you don't tell me how many floors it has. But a presentation of the car accident or the building has none of these obligations. A description of a wound and a presentation of the same wound come with different requirements, different scenes, different motives, different justifications, different responsibilities.

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The descriptive stylist conveys what you would see if you were inhis position. He is a substitute pair of eyes. By contrast, when a classic stylist presents, say, the interior of a store, although she takes the stand that of course what she presents is actually there in the store to be seen, it is not automatically assumed that you would have seen any of it had you walked into the store on your own, or that you would have known where tolook for it, or even that you would have known that it could be found anywhere. The classic stylist takes the stand that you could not fail to perceive what she presents .

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All during my year at the Sorbonne, the had served as the Baedeker for my exploratory splurges when I had money enough to try restaurants off my usual beat. The author addressed his book to the gourmand, rather than to the gourmet, he said, because it was impossible to like food if you did not like a lot of it; "gourmet" was therefore a snob word, and a silly one. This predisposed me in his favor. But it was his subject matter that held me captive. The restaurants were categorized as "of great luxury," "middle-priced," "reasonable," and "simple," but all were warranted "good," and there were about a hundred and twenty-five of them. At the head of the "luxury" group was a "first platoon" of six restaurants (of which today only one survives, and that scarcely worthy of mention). Maillabuau, despite the worn tablecloths, figured among the ten others in the "luxury" group. In my own forays, "reasonable" was my ceiling, but I liked to read about the others—those financially unattainable Princesses Lointaines. I knew the description of Maillabuau's by heart:

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I fancy that this new kind of romantic or sentimental elaboration goes back to De Quincey. He was the originator of the purple patch. Jeremy Taylor, Browne, Gibbon himself sometimes gave their prose a little extra colour,but without any break in tone. De Quincey was, I believe, the first to changegear, from the rather heavy, conventional style in which nine-tenths of hiswork is written, to those passages that are rightly referred to as prosepoetry. "And her eyes if they were ever seen, would be neither sweet norsubtle; no man could read their story; they would be found filled with perishingdreams and with wrecks of forgotten delirium." This is presumably what SomersetMaugham meant by "writing nonsense," and in his path a good deal of it foundits way into the periodicals of the aesthetic movement - or . Maugham was himself co-editorof . In the 1880s Ruskin's cloud-capped descriptions ofnature, which were believed by all serious critics to be the absolute summitof English prose, had been succeeded by the sweet, sleepy, amoral incantationsof Walter Pater. I believe it was Pater, more than anyone else, who gavefine writing a bad name. He has suffered from anthologies; you will rememberthat no less a person than W. B. Yeats opened his with the Mona Lisa description chopped up into short - very short- lines, thus destroying any quality it may have. Pater has also sufferedfrom imitators. His style was vulgarised by Wilde and thickened, as onethickens a soup with cornflour, by writers like Percy Lubbock. But evenwithout these misfortunes, a reaction, I might also say a revulsion, fromPater was inevitable. Here is a passage that occurs in almost all anthologies; the description of the red hawthorn in :