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It was the winter of 1966, and I was in a Cuban restaurant on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach, eating a media noche in the middle of the afternoon. By the third cup of coffee, I was down to reading the three-line crime items in the back pages of the Herald, and there it was: “Former Western Movie Star Busted for Vagrancy.” The vagged cowboy turned out to be none other than my very first hero, the man with the bullwhip, the original man-in-black, Lash LaRue.

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LaRue (left) with Marshall Reed in Mark of the Lash, 1948.

Two ASL (American Sign Language) computer labs are also provided for students in Middle School and High School and to support the ongoing implementation of the Bi-lingual Best Practices program. VoiceThread has been implemented; this is an application which supports the development of students’ ASL (American Sign Language) skills by allowing students and teachers to capture, share, and comment on signed video clips.

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The use of technology to teach in all content areas is increasingly prevalent. All classrooms have Liquid Crystal Display projector technology (LCDs), and each has one or more computer for student use. Classrooms also have large interactive touch whiteboards. Many of the school textbooks are accessible online.

This illustrates a flow of language acquisition:

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He talked and I mostly listened for three hours, and Lash would have kept at it and I would have gladly been his audience for three more, except a beautiful woman, a kooch dancer from the carnival, showed up to go his bail.

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After the cowboy movie craze and a shortlived television series that consisted of spliced together sequences from his old movies, Lash started working state and country fairs with his whip act. A significant amount of his time was spent avoiding women with whom he had been involved. As the years passed, he was performing the act in carnival sideshows and was eventually reduced to working at the lowliest of carnival jobs, setting up and tearing down tents, and operating rides. During these years, the late Fifties and early Sixties, the bottle had proven a steadier companion than any female.

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He appeared in a remake of Stagecoach with Johhny Cash who admitted he had gotten the ‘man in black’ moniker from his early hero Lash LaRue.

The elementary and middle school students love attending Speech Village! Come by to visit!

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This is an exciting era in deaf education, and CSDR shall lead the way. You are invited to witness the culture of academic excellence and join me in celebrating California School for the Deaf, where language and learning thrive!

Note: Student results are sent home every spring to show academic growth from fall to spring.

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I went to the jail over in Miami and announced my business. The sergeant looked over his sheet, said, “Don’t know anything about any cowboy named Lash but we picked up a drunken carnie called Alfred LaRue.”

American Sign Language, as a visual language, is ultimately accessible to all CSDR students whether they are deaf or hard of hearing.

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I never saw him again but was happy to learn that Lash moderated his drinking and got back on the hustle. He even made more movies and earned some money on a circuit of festivals devoted to western movie cowboys. His comeback film was called Hard On the Trail. Lash got a week’s work riding around in black, jumping off and on horses, cracking his whip, and bursting through cabin and hotel room doors. Whether unbeknownst to Lash or not, this turned out to be a porno flick. There was another Lash involved for the sex stuff.