Daredevil's Catholocism is pretty essential to the character.

Ok, so in recent films it's been apparent that Daredevil and Nightcrawler are Catholic - Daredevil's confessor is also his confidant, and Nightcrawler allegedly is a former priest and is seen reciting the rosary (in German) in X2.

re: Daredevil's Catholocism is pretty essential to the character.

[The following are Catholic characters:]NightcrawlerVisionDaredevilHawkeyeHuntressKingpin

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re: Daredevil is actually a very, very weak example of a Roman Catholic. It's a core concept to his upbringing, but I wouldn't call him a scion of the Faith. Additionally, if you look at how "essential" it is, Daredevil's faith (overall) is a matter of convenience rather than an influence in his actions.

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Daredevil has some of the trappings or culture associated witgh Catholoicism, but there's no evidence he is a practicing Catholic other than confession.

If Daredevil can'ttake this guy out he should seriously consider an other profession.

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In that way Murdock is disturbingly similar to his adversary Wilson Fisk (aka the Kingpin): both turned to violence to protect someone, and over time have become quite skilled at hurting people and justifying it to themselves. Fisk simply has a bigger vision, more resources and ambition. He’s trying to help the city by rebuilding it while Murdock is focused on helping the individual citizens. Seen from a different angle, Daredevil is a story about how a self-made man and a pillar of the community willing to do absolutely anything to make his city a better place was brought low by a crazy man in a mask. That perspective is presented as more than just a straw man to be burned down. Both men believe the good they are trying to do will outweigh the terrible things they have done to achieve it. Even as the consequences of their actions bleed over into every other aspect of their lives, they never waver in their dedication to their respective quests until their feud with each other derails them both. The show reserves judgment on them, presenting both characters at their best and at their worst and leaves the audience to ponder which was the lesser evil.

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Daredevil exists in a grayer area. Although he wants to help people and catch criminals, he doesn’t do a lot of either. Despite his considerable martial prowess, over the course of the first season he only saves three lives. At the end of the first episode he has saved Karen Page (for now), but then we are treated to a montage of beatings, murders and suicides that show his actions have actually made things worse. His vigilantism only escalates the violence he seeks to end, and the body count grows with each subsequent episode. A sweet little old lady is slain just to draw him into a trap. He may not be killing them himself, but he is provoking the people who do and putting everyone close to him in danger without their knowledge or consent. When his law partner and best friend Foggy Nelson asks why, Murdock tells him about the first time he put on the mask—to put a beating on a man who was sexually abusing his daughter. But Daredevil’s origin story doesn’t end with a happily-ever-after for the little girl; instead it concludes with Murdock saying he put a man into a coma and that he’s never slept better. Foggy says maybe he’s just looking for someone to hit, and he kind of has a point.


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Daredevil digs up the root of theproblem and comes up with a ruthless crime boss bent on brutally wrestlingcontrol of New York's underworld from the Kingpin of Crime.

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By comparison, "The Autobiography of Matt Murdock" has Waid's unique stamp of obscure continuity intertwined with provocative character work, and culminates years of narrative building, but it's still working within the same sandbox as Smith. Murdock is living in San Francisco, a nod to the aforementioned Conway run, after admitting in court that he's Daredevil (the inevitable effect of Bendis's monkey wrench). Murdock has united his dual identities, wearing a red business suit sans mask while crimefighting and lawyering. He and Foggy, who faked his death at the beginning of Volume 4 and has been fighting cancer, and Murdock's girlfriend Kirsten McDuffie have started a firm together. Murdock has basically spent the entirety of Waid's run (and Waid's thesis is every writer's run since Smith) acting reckless, and attempting to convince Foggy it's not to avoid grief over Karen. What solace he's finally found is threatened to be shattered, however, by the machinations of the Shroud who controls all forms of telecommunications. In a desperate bid Murdock forges a deal with Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, but that backfires, of course, with all the players colliding in a battle royale.

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I know everyone hated the movie, but it was the "dark" superhero film before the Dark Knight and before the Daredevil series. While I loved the violence in the series, I thought Fisk's character was very whiny and suffered from teen angst. Oh my god I love my girlfriend don't hurt her she's my everything. So cheesy. Fisk should have been cold and uncaring; that's the villain he needed to be. And Jessica from True Blood and Foggy (or Fullton) were absolutely horrible. Their scenes together were simply unbearable.