Every culture is defined by its traditions and values.

The Cuban government has prevented a greater degree of access to digital technology because of unfounded concerns about the Internet as a tool of subversion. As social sectors within Cuba such as Afro Cubans, women, LGBTQ groups, and others have become more organised over the past several decades, digital technology has been an important tool in helping them to share ideas and reach an international audience. The highly controlled state media do not often create the space for these voices to be heard, and the flourishing alternative cultures of documentary filmmaking, rap music, and other genres that took on social issues had to create their own channels of distribution in order to find an audience. This included passing around copies of films on flash drives and uploading music to iTunes.

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Then, look for information about some specific Cuban traditions and customs.

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Culture; differentiate one societal group from another by identification beliefs, behaviors, language, traditions, Art, fashion styles, food, religion, politics, and economic systems.

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In 1993, Samuel Huntington wrote an influential paper that was published in Foreign Affairs titled “ Clash of the Civilizations.” Huntington states, “The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural (Huntington 1993, 1).” According to Huntington, cultural identities bind people together more fastidious...

Culture as we understand relates to relationships, traditions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.

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The Packet includes a range of materials. It has items downloaded from the Internet, like YouTube clips, Spanish-language news websites, games, music, computer-technology websites, and Katy Perry’s Facebook profile. But it also contains pirated material such as Hollywood films, Japanese anime, exercise videos, e-books, and pdf’s of magazines like People. Cubans are able to watch the US television series Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. Particularly popular are South Korean and Turkish soap operas and independent films from the remote Polynesian island of Niue. Another popular category is “Interesting Variety,” which is a collection of all kinds of things from jokes to fashion tips to healthy recipes.

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One cultural phenomenon that spans multiple forms of media and communications is the Paquete Semanal, or Weekly Packet. The Packet consists of one terabyte of data that is downloaded and distributed across the island via hard drives. The Packet began in 2007 as a clandestine medium with eight workers, and has expanded to an extensive business that employs about 45,000 Cubans and reaches half the population. It is a highly decentralized operation, with people in local barrios and provinces organizing their own packets. They sell parts of the Packet for as low as 1 CUC. Like many other kinds of subterranean digital culture in Cuba, the Packet mostly avoids controversial political themes and pornography and is therefore tacitly permitted by the state.

There are two principal concepts in the study of communication and culture – the materialist and the idealist view of culture.

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and Coon, Individualism and Collectivism concepts has been used to “depict, clarify, and envision divergence in people’s opinion, behavior, principles, attribution, self perception, socialization, and communication.” Nonetheless, individualism and collectivism has shared some mutual views as well as incongruous stances on humanity, the disposition of human beings, the affiliation of society and the characteristics of people in the individualistic culture....

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In July 2015, the government opened 35 public Wi-Fi hot spots in parks and squares across the country, where Cubans can access the Internet for 2 CUCs per hour. The popularity of these services reflects the strong desire for connectivity on the island. When passing by one of these crowded hot spots, you can see families Skyping with their relatives abroad, or teenagers chatting online with friends. Despite the limited nature of the Venezuelan cable, which extends from La Guaira in Venezuela to the eastern coast of Santiago de Cuba, at least it makes possible a higher level of connectivity for Cubans that is not dependent on the United States.

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History of this country is multifaceted, involving storming of different people, concern of different kingdoms, and interface of unrelated cultures and the regulation of several kinds.