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You work for an imaginary local midsized corporation. Your Board of Directors is considering incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into the business model. Based on your report, the Board of Directors has determined that they would like to incorporate CSR into the business model, and they have asked your team, and others, to determine how this should be accomplished. What should the company do? How often? What or who will be impacted positively? How so? How much will it cost? How frequently will this occur?

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The second essay investigates the relationship between CSR engagement and tax avoidance.

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Using a large sample of firms domiciled across ten European Union countries for the period between 2003 and 2011, our empirical results show that firms with high CSR scores are less likely to engage in accruals earnings management.

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Our results are robust to using each main component of the CSR pillars, alternative earnings quality metrics, and the instrumental variable (IV) regression method.

The third essay assesses the link between ownership identity and CSR engagement.
Write a short proposal outlining a plan to incorporate CSR into the business.

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While Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was first mentioned in the 1930s, it is not till more recently that CSR became an important part of business practice (Carroll, 1979).

This essay will examine how The Boeing Company have responded to the challenge of CSR and will evaluate their performance.

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This probably wouldn’t hook the average student, but the average student is not marking your essay. To a Management lecturer this is good stuff. It is neutral sentence, definitely won’t polarise anyone, and provides a good start to an essay on the importance of CSR.

The first essay examines the association of two forms of ethical principles, i.e., CSR and religion, with the degree of earnings management.

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