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Leonard Sax of the National Association for Single Sex Public Education is almost dismissive of the private sector schools and ticks off a half dozen public schools whose single-gender students are randomly selected. “Same class size, same funding per pupil as their coed public counterparts,” he says. We have chosen a charter to profile because charters are public, operate with public school budgets (or less), often have student bodies of very limited means—and are extremely successful.

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Single sex school is better than co-ed school as it brings more confidence to every individual

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It is generally recognised that students at single-sex schools have a higher exam attainment than those at co-educational schools. Why this is so, is much disputed. Not surprisingly, the advocates of single-sex schools claim they are ‘better’ educationally while the co-eds are likely to argue that the students to the single-sex schools represent a more academic or socially advantaged group.

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Ruth Laugesen of the Sunday Star Times asked me to look at differences between academic performance between single-sex and co-ed schools. Her summary report is “Same-sex Schools’ Success” (September 14) is in an appendix below, the longer report is This paper summarises my findings.

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A Phase III evaluation and coding of the remaining quantitative articles. According to the guidelines of the WWC, all studies other than randomized controlled trials, quasi-experimental designs (QED) with matching, or regression discontinuity designs would be excluded prior to Phase III. Under the WWC criteria for inclusion, virtually all single-sex studies would have been eliminated from the review process because of the lack of experimental research on this topic. Therefore, for this review, a conscious decision was made to relax these standards and include all correlational studies that employed statistical controls. By relaxing the WWC standards, the number of candidate studies to be screened in Phase III was greatly increased. A more streamlined and efficient checklist was developed requiring dichotomous responses rather than descriptive responses in order to facilitate rater decision making. To be included in the quantitative review, a study had to use appropriate measurement and statistical principles. A primary criticism of previous single-sex literature has been the confounding of single-sex effects with the effects of religious values, financial privilege, selective admissions, or other advantages associated with the single-sex school being studied. Therefore, in particular a study had to include statistical controls to account for individual differences (e.g., socioeconomic status [SES], individual ability, and age) as well as school and class differences that might account for the differences between single-sex and coeducational schools. Even so, many studies that included at least one covariate lacked other important covariates such as ethnic or racial minority status, socioeconomic status, and grade level or age. Also, it is important to note that the inclusion of covariates cannot control for important unobservable differences between the groups, such as motivation. Because correlational studies cannot adequately address the issue of differences in unobservables (or selection bias), the studies in this review may over or understate the true effects of SS schooling.

This essay will examine the pros and cons of co-ed and single-sex schools

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Westlake Boys’ High headmaster Jim Dale said he believed boys at co-ed schools were missing out on teacher attention these days, because girls were now performing so strongly.
Girls had a head start on boys because of their greater maturity at an earlier age, said the headmaster.

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However the single-sex schools tend to have higher socioeconomic intakes, and we know from Point 1 that intake matters. So we would expect them to do better in total. But when we look at the table we find that in every school decile group the students from single-sex schools do better than same gender students at co-eds.

This reason is why having a single sex school is more rewarding than a co-ed school

their children to co-educational or single-sex schools

In the final analysis, however, a far more important factor than single sex or co-education is the quality of the school, the leadership and the teaching. There are many outstanding single-sex schools in Britain, state and independent, and some rotten co-educational schools. Even though I have become convinced by the evidence and by experience that co-education is better, I would still sooner a child attended an excellent single sex school than a bad co-ed one.