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And so it was that he defended the nine senators who voted against Mr. McCain's anti-torture amendment. That essay in The Weekly Standard set off a round of debate from all sides, including one from the Standard's more liberal counterpart, The New Republic. In the latest issue, Andrew Sullivan, its senior editor, answered Mr. Krauthammer point by point. And the cover was a parody of The Weekly Standard's.

Krauthammer essay on the truth about torture

Under what conditions does political analyst Charles Krauthammer believe torture is allowable?

The Truth About Torture Charles Krauthammer

Colunmnist Charles Krauthammer's Weekly Standard on the moral defensibility of torture in fighting terror has raised eyebrows, and the New York Times tries to gin up more controversy in a feature on Krauthammer for the Sunday Week in Review.

Krauthammer essay on the truth about torture? …

In a Dec. 5 cover essay in The Weekly Standard, the conservative magazine, Mr. Krauthammer argued that torture is not only defensible in certain very limited circumstances, but in fact morally necessary -- if, for instance, it would save thousands of civilians by squeezing information about an imminent attack from a captured terrorist.

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Charles Krauthammer has written and essay on why torture should be legal: The Truth about Torture

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May 14, 2009 · Krauthammer: Torture foes twist the truth: Charles Krauthammer

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we turn to the syndicated columnist and FOX News contributor Charles Krauthammer who has an essay …

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