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Second, there is no doubt that the social organization and communicative behaviors of dogs are much more similar to ours than are those of cats. We can more easily relate to the appeasement/submissive behaviors of dogs for example (even though we sometimes mistakenly assign “guilt” and other human motivations to them) and the more family like structure of a group of wolves than we can the more solitary life of many cats.

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Great post! Been reading a lot about the differences between cats and dogs. Thanks for the info!

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This story takes a popular subject—kids getting a pet—and adds cats of all sizes and shapes: all writing lessons should be this much fun. In the end, it’s the cousins and the cats that keep a reader turning the page. What kind of cat will Mellie choose? Will Dennis want the same kind of cat?

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They are normally less than 9 inches tall or less when mature. Miniature kittens are more vulnerable than normal sized kittens. Being miniature poses health problems to so the breeding females must be 4-8 lbs in weight and breeding males are 4-10 lbs. It seems that they are friendly cats (to humans and dogs!).

Dogs and cats were valued for what they contributed to this rural lifestyle.

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Looking at the domestication history of the two species, the latest thinking is that dogs were for the most part wanted for companionship (less likely as a cooperative hunting partner as had been previously thought). After an initial stage of being a religious symbol and appreciated for their predatory behaviors that kept rodents out of food stores, cats went through a dark period of being associated with witches and witchcraft that has, unfortunately, never completely left them.

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These differences in social structure lead us to believe, as reflected in the comment from a poll participant that dogs are “eager to please”. This is a misleading conclusion. More accurately, dogs are more likely to be motivated by social rewards and punishers. As a general rule, dogs will respond more to petting and verbal praise; angry voices and threatening gestures than do cats. But even this generalization may not bear up under scrutiny. Consider the breeds with reputations for being aloof – such as Basenjis and Akitas, and compare that with many orange tabby male cats, who also have reputations for being extremely sociable – our late, great Buffett being one.

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Jane Murray, who led the study, said the association is likely due to the fact that degree holders tend to work long hours, which limits the time they have available for pet care. Cats are less needy than dogs, she noted, content to snooze away the day on a sunny windowsill while their owners toil behind office desks.

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A nice vehicle registration plate for the cat owner who has everything including two great looking purebred cats. I am guessing but this plate would have been quite expensive. How much? Several thousand pounds perhaps.

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In homes where the cat and dog are mates, the research suggests they've managed to correctly read each other's body cues. A cat's thrashing tail, for example, signifies anger. Happy dogs wag their tails.

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Cat lovers shouldn’t be too discouraged. The survey also found that 60% of adult said they liked both cats and dogs. What’s unfortunate about this survey is that the data from non-pet owners weren’t reported separately.