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Unfortunately, broken windows thinking is deeply embedded in contemporary urban policing. For example, deBlassio, widely viewed as an arch-liberal who campaigned on an anti-stop-and-frisk platform, remains an ardent broken windows devotee. He tapped former Police Commissioner William Bratton to reprise his role as architect of the city’s broken windows policing strategies from the 1990s. Bratton has vowed to continue aggressively confronting minor, so-called “quality-of-life” crimes. So not surprisingly, for black and brown folk in NYC. deBlassio may be quicker to settle police misconduct civil suits than his predecessors, but he is no more interested in curbing the . Even supposedly liberal politicians and bureaucrats either cannot see past broken windows or cannot effectively confront it.

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I apologise if I caused any offense. It was not my intention. I like your work
I admit I used some harsh words. I do not want to start an argument.
There are still arguments about the chemical composition of Comets. There is not enough data
Comet ISON showed that it is composed of loose rock material.
The tests shown
which are not complete at all do not show the composition of the rocky materials but the chemicals that contribute to the observed ice spectrometry.
There was not much ice observed on ISON but after the impact and surprisingly explosion; analysis showed Methanol, Formaldehide, H-Cyanide, Acetyline etc. i.e. Organic materials that produce water (after the interaction with ionising Solar wind) that is observed in the tail of most comets not a trace of Platinum (joke). There is no analysis available for the rocky material
It is a conjecture that asteroids in Taurid shower are cometary fragments; they may or may not be
(such conclusions will be irresponsible and not scientific).
We do not really know the composition of the comets and any theories regarding them is mainly a cojecture.
If you look closely at the referred publication the detected Platinum is not conclusively
from a comet. It says “Cometary or meteoric influx” – Platinum points to a meteorite (not even an asteroid) but it “proves” (I must see all the data regarding Platinum) that a large extraterrestrial object hit the Earth at that time (younger Dryas) although the samples shown on the map are seem very few to be conclusive, that is if they refer to the same event.
By studying proxy materials on earth will not tell us anything about their origin since we do not know the composition of the comets
In the video / interview at 12:27 you mention of supposedly the original comet was a gigantic 200 km that broke up. That is pure conjecture by the scientists involved. They should be taken to task by an authorised astronomical committee. Publicising in journals is not good enough. Today’s peer review leaves a lot to be desired.

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My calculations on the melting of the ice during Young Dryas period.
361.9 million km² the global ocean surface today
120 m the rise of the ocean surface

4.34E+16 cubic metres of water
Transformation (Latent heat of fusion) of ice at -4 def C to water at +4 deg C
Is 334 joules (79.7 calories) per gram which gives the energy required to melt the ice 1.45E+25 joules
The calculations showed that to melt that amount of ice of 120 metres (NASA) of sea water and the surface area of the oceans we have today and comparing it to the superbolide of the Tunguska event

A stony asteroid of about 10 m (33 ft) in diameter can produce an explosion of around 20 kilotons. Early estimates of the energy of the air burst range from 10–15 megatons of TNT (42–63 PJ) to 30 megatons of TNT (130 PJ)
The simulation showed it will require an asteroid of the size of 55 Km diameter or 112 million 30 megatons atomic bombs (the largest USA has today) to melt that amount of ice in one year (as suggested) or 50 asteroids the size of 14.9 km diameter. The only possible explanation (excluding supernatural) is plate tectonics disruption that brought a lot of magma to the surface. That is an impact/s, yes, followed by volcanic catastrophe. There is no evidence for that as far as I know but it is not uncommon e.g 18 million years ago a disruption of the mid-Atlantic rift produced Iceland.

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Signs of neighborhood deterioration or disorder, such as broken windows, can lead to the breakdown of social controls. In stable neighborhoods, residents tend to watch out and care more for their property, children, and public safety. Residents in these neighborhoods are more attached to their neighborhood and more likely to consider their neighborhood as their home. Thus, any broken windows or other signs of disorder in these stable neighborhoods will soon be addressed and fixed. In these stable neighborhoods, more informal social controls are exercised by residents, the result being that crime is less likely to invade such areas. On the other hand, when a neighborhood can no longer regulate signs of public disorder, such as broken windows, more deterioration and even serious crime can result (Wilson and Kelling 1982).

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I call “broken windows” policing what it is: fear-based collective punishment in the service of white supremacy. In part 2 I discuss broken windows’ most infamous policy innovations: stop-and-frisk and police militarization.

The theory is called broken windows, after a 1982 Atlantic Monthly ..

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Philip Zimbardo (1969), a psychologist, tested the broken window theory with some experiments. He arranged that a car without a license plate be parked in a Bronx neighborhood and a comparable car be parked in Palo Alto, California. The car in the Bronx was destroyed within ten minutes; while the car in Palo Alto was left untouched for more than a week. After Zimbardo smashed the car in Palo Alto, passersby started to vandalize the car. In each case once each car started to be destroyed and looked abandoned, with more destruction, vandalism, and stealing soon following.