23. Ntongela Masilela, "Issues in the Historiography of South African Literature, lecture presented in late 1988 in Bad Boll, West Germany. Forthcoming in the Evangelische Akademie publication.

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The Beauty of Inflections: Literary Investigations in Historical Method and Theory.

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Although abhorrent to many, even to some of its silent, acquiescent partners, lynchingwas not an aberration in American race relations. Rather, it served as an extreme reminderof the unreasoning power the basest passions, fears, and hatreds of white Americans couldexercise over the lives and humanity of black Americans. For "the ultimate goal oflynchers," as Ralph Ellison reflected in (1986),"is that of achieving ritual purification through destroying the lynchers'identification with the basic humanity of their victims. Hence their deafness to cries ofpain, their stoniness before the sight and stench of burning flesh. . . ." At issue,then, in historical terms and the imaginative terms of African American literature, islynching's ritual capacity to define and annihilate the humanity of the black victim andthat of every last member of his or her race, symbolically or, if necessary, literally.

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Reader-response theory is a general term for a range of theories of literature which focus on the process of reading and interpretation. Such theories draw on two principal philosophical traditions. The first is that of hermeneutics (the philosophy of interpretation), from the romantic hermeneutics of Friedrich Schleiermacher, who developed the concept of the ‘hermeneutical circle’, to the influential 20th-century thought of Hans-Georg Gadamer, who emphasized the historical and inter-subjective aspects of the interpretative act. The second is phenomenology, derived from Edmund Husserl’s project of founding philosophy on an enquiry into the nature of consciousness. Reader-response theory raises general questions such as the nature of meaning and the role of the reading subject, as well as focusing in detail on the processes of interaction between text and reader, on how interpretation takes place and how meanings are elicited or constructed.

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For Hans-Robert Jauss, however (Toward an Aesthetic of Reception, and Aesthetic Experience and Literary Hermeneutics), a reader's aesthetic experience is always bound by time and historical determinants.

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James realizes that he utilizes literary techniques in his telling of a true story, and claims that "the traditionally famous historians have been more artist than scientist: they wrote so well because they saw so little" ().

It draws on both the black and white literary and historical narrative ..

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There is no single methodology that governs Literary Criticism as a whole, but generally critics tend to proceed by drawing together close readings of texts with historical sources and/or theoretical frameworks. There are many schools of criticism, founded on different approaches and value systems. Here, we outline some of the historical and theoretical frameworks relevant to ‘Poetry Beyond Text’.

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105. Robinson, as discussed earlier, speaks convincingly of the role of nationalism and nationalizing myths in securing class rule (though it needs pointing out that these myths are imposed through a process of class struggle--thus the importance of Linebaugh and Rediker). Yet as I have tried to show, a double standard is at work. Nationalism secures class rule for Europeans but not for Africans. For the latter, nationalism is self-knowledge not ideology. This essay has contested this view of nationalism. I would add here that the double standard is literally sanctioned by the doctrine of incommensurability, for if the two traditions are incommensurable (I put aside here the incoherence of the notion), there are indeed two standards (of evidence, of truth, of value).

106. In his preface, Robinson notes that "the shared past [which anchors the shared epistemology] is precious, not for itself but because it is the basis of consciousness, of knowing, of being." Later, he notes, speaking of black collective identity, that "The distinctions of political space and historical time have fallen away so that the making of one black collective identity suffuses nationalisms. Harboured in the African Diaspora there is a single historical identity which is in opposition to the systematic privations of racial capitalism" (Robinson p. 317)