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(Proust’s ) Isn’t it a bookof collected critical essays, with the occasional fictional characterwondering in and out of it? After the composer Busoni read nn, he complained to Rilke that although he enjoyedthe opinions about music, he thought the rest of the book was a bitlike a novel. (...) J-F Revel: Proust might have restored philosophyto its original position of wisdom. Often, in the long shelf of hiswritings, Revel argues that philosophy having ceased in theeighteenth century to be queen of the sciences, has, in modern times,no other role than to be wise. (...) These qualities of non-fictionare useful to remember when we realize how many qualities of fictionthe longest of novels do not possess. It has, for example, nostructure worth speaking of (...).

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Voltaire is also the wittiest thinker in our corpus; he did nottake authority at face value. An iconoclast, he contrived tomake enemies almost everywhere, unable to hold his tongue. Hesurvived all other non-narrating thinkers thanks to his dynamicphilosophical tales –of which he did not think much at the time. Hewould be surprised to see how they fared while most of his otherworks fell into oblivion. (He thought that his legacy was in hisformal tragedies, now thankfully dead, the last of which was(briefly) performed at the Comédie Francaise under orders by AndréMalraux in 1962 as the French government wanted to punish visitingChinese officials and subject them to the most painful torture theycould devise, toppling Chinese torture in effectiveness. After fourhours of treatment, the Chinese delegates gave in and signed on everypoint in the bilateral treaty lest the experience would be repeatedthe next day). Voltaire is my kind of person: he hated dullness; hecouldn’t resist, while talking philosophy, making fun of dullpeople, such as, for instance, the dry “Benoit” Spinoza. He wasalso extremely independent financially, from his trading, despisedall people who took themselves seriously, etc.

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I found a volume of posthumous essays by Huet called put together by his admirers c. 1722. It is so depressing torealize that, being born close to 4 centuries after him, and havingdone most of my reading with material written after his death, I am not much more advanced in wisdom than he was –moderns at the upperend are no wiser than their equivalent among the ancients (justconsider the modern war mongers, the road-rage prone machos, the thennot existing but newly created categories of and economists, etc.). True, for a Fideist -Pyrrhonian skeptiche offers many more causes than I could expect; but no nitpickingwith such a man.

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Whilst A Narrative of the Life of James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw written by himself, (For the purpose of this essay described as, ‘A Narrative.’) is an autobiographical, spiritual account of Gronniosaw’s travels.

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