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Unfortunately, for a large number of adoptive parents, their experiences with their adopted children have been devastating due to the lack of critical information and/or training in working with children from abusive, neglectful home environments resulting in attachment disorders. Some of the first heartbreaking examples of attachment disordered children to garner worldwide attention were the children adopted from Romania and other East Bloc countries. When the Soviet empire crumbled in the early 1990's, suddenly thousands of children, who had been languishing in orphanages, became available for adoption. Since 1991, adoption of Eastern Bloc children continued to increase to a staggering 3,700 in one year alone. Doctors found that nearly two-thirds of these children adjusted well, some with only minor problems such as developmental delays or learning problems. One third, however, displayed major problems such as an inability to form a close emotional attachment to their parents, destructive behaviors with a host of emotional and learning problems. These children took everyone by surprise. There were no appropriate resources, therapies or financial assistance for these children and their families. Many parents gave the children back because they were totally unprepared to cope with the severity of the problems, proving to be catastrophic for the parents and the children. (2)

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Traumatized children need boundaries too. Make your expectations very clear and the reasonable consequences if these expectations aren't met. However in the case of dealing with an abused or neglected child it's important to understand that they may be emotionally and socially delayed. Have realistic expectations of the child that are based on the emotional age not necessarily the chronological age. Be consistent yet flexible with the consequences. This demonstrates reason, fairness and understanding to the child. Positive rewards may be helpful however, physical punishment is never appropriate. Allowing children choices gives them a sense of control and gives them decision-making power. It would be wise, however, to limit their choices to two or three at most. Parents have the added responsibility of being aware of their child's limitations and protecting them from situations that may be too upsetting or traumatizing. For example, if the parent observes that a particular activity or situation increases the child's stress and anxiety, then avoiding these can prevent major "melt-downs" and reduce the possibility of re-traumatizing the child. (10, 11)

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At this point, the adolescent needs their parents the most, even though the adolescent is trying to become independent from the parents.In conclusion, friendship attachments are important during adolescence because they are sources of emotional security and support, contexts for growth in social competence, and prototypes for later relationships (Seiffge-Krenke, 1993).Parents have important effects on their child's attachment system.

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If the attachment bond doesn't occur with sufficient regularity, then the necessary safe and secure experiences do not occur as they should. Instead, insecure attachments are formed. All insecure attachments arise from repeated experiences of failed emotional communication. They take one of three different forms. Before listing some of these, it is important to note that parents of insecure children are themselves products of insecure experiences. Insecure attachment is passed on from one generation to the next unless repair occurs.

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Human beings are highly social creatures. Our brains are designed to be in relationship with other people. Interactive communication shapes both the structure and function of the brain. The technology that brain scans have made available in the past fifteen years proves this point. Attachment experience directly influences the development of children and is directly responsible for activating or not activating their genetic potential. Interpersonal relationships and the patterns of communications that children experience with their caretakers directly influence the development of their mental processes. Secure attachment establishes the basis on which the child will form relationships with others; his sense of security about exploring the world; his resilience to stress; his ability to balance his emotions, make sense of his life, and create meaningful interpersonal relationships in the future.