The arguments against euthanasia:

Someone who makes a request for euthanasia is likely to have a bad quality of life (or a bad prognosis, even if they are not yet suffering much) and the knowledge that this will only get worse. If that is the case, death will not deprive them of an otherwise pleasant existence.

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If a person wants to be allowed to commit euthanasia, it would clearly be inconsistent for them to say that they didn't think it should be allowed for other people.

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The person in favour of euthanasia argues that giving everybody the right to have a good death through euthanasia is acceptable as a universal principle, and that euthanasia is therefore morally acceptable.

The arguments for euthanasia:

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Euthanasia can be viewed as a process that is carried out by medical practitioners whereby a person’s life is ended prematurely in a bid to stop the suffering and the pain that the patient is going through. It is essential to note that the process is carried out to ensure that the relative does not continue to suffer and pay the hospital bill when the patient ultimately dies. This is a process that is typically carried out for the patients who are suffering from terminal illnesses such as cancer (John 78). Euthanasia is a topic that has raised opposing views regarding its effectiveness and usefulness. To fully understand its effectiveness or the lack of, it is essential to look at the arguments for the process and the arguments against the process. However, regardless of whichever side one stands, it is important to understand that euthanasia should only be carried out with due diligence and consideration before ending someone’s life.

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Oddly enough, the law of universalisability allows for there to be exceptions - as long as the exceptions are themselves universalisable. So you could have a universal rule allowing voluntary euthanasia and universalise an exception for people who were less than 18 years old.

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Secular opponents argue that whatever rights we have are limited by our obligations. The decision to die by euthanasia will affect other people - our family and friends, and healthcare professionals - and we must balance the consequences for them (guilt, grief, anger) against our rights.

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From a utilitarian viewpoint, justifying euthanasia is a question of showing that allowing people to have a good death, at a time of their own choosing, will make them happier than the pain from their illness, the loss of dignity and the distress of anticipating a slow, painful death. Someone who wants euthanasia will have already made this comparison for themselves.