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Clearly, these figures indicate that will simply by buying high-quality protective gear along with reflective equipment, roller skaters will greatly reducetheir chance of getting severely injured inside an accident.

The argument that the chance of injury of the roller-skater may be greatly reduced by simply investing more throughout high-quality protective gear and also reflective equipment is not totallylogically convincing since it fails to give interest to some essential points.

Firstly, the actual information provided by the author will be of your single hospital, which usually definitely doesn't give a total picture associated with such roller-skater accidents.

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My students are always looking for ways to make the timed essay easier on the GRE and GMAT. Concurrently, they are also always looking for ways to not write. Perhaps you are like me — a little dumbfounded that people want to improve their writing by not writing — and might want to force those people to write essay after essay, regardless of their wishes. But that’s not going to effective. So when this paradoxical beast does rear its ugly head, I pull out an activity that will make their timed essay easier and not require much writing: generate examples for essays they would write.

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Go for breadth, not depth. Try to cover both polar sides of the issue, and various arguments on both sides. Don't dwell on one point! (This is the #1 essay blunder committed by GRE test-takers.) But don't try to cover everything either; otherwise, you might not have time to develop each of your ideas--with reasons and examples.

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Hospital figures relating to those who go for the emergency room following roller skating accidents indicate your requirement for a lot more protective equipment.

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the author could strengthen his argument through basing it on more thorough informationand providing a few evidence that another 25% in the accidents occurred because of in order to several particular circumstances.

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The industry for your luxury-goods industry is on the decline.