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… the happiness difference between rich and poor countries that one might expect on the basis of the within-country differences by economic status are not borne out by the international data.

Are rich people happier than poor people

Only its people are poor—and it is because of the pillage they have endured.

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I've know a researcher who actually specializes in "happiness" (Pedro Demo), though i did not check really his writings, and he does point examples of very rich people very sad and very poor people very happy. I guess this means that statistically there might be correlation (even strong correlation) between the two, but not causation, either way.

Why are poor people more generous than the rich?

I agree very much with #8 and others. 1/ Happiness is a relative concept. And 2/ rich people tend to not admit it when they are not happy. The approach to study the correlation between consequences of unhappiness (such as the number of suicides as suggested by Arthur) and incomes seems much more relevant (although suicide seems to me too extreme to be considered as being a consequence of unhappiness, maybe the rate of usage of anti-depressant drugs could also be seen as such less extreme proxy). Another possibility could be to do the same survey by showing instead the perception of happiness from the point of view of close friends or relative. Unhappy rich people could lie but most probably not the close people around them. Although I admit putting it in place such survey on a large scale basis may not practically be an easy task.

It’s a good idea, but it’s not going to happen. Since it won’t happen: Things are going to end badly.

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I feel that your observation of the validity of idealogical warfare isvalid one. But i think that you fail to see the truth behind it, that IT is the warfare of the future. An idea can churn out an infinite number of children strapped with suicide bombs. Sending a military force in to crush an idea is foolish and naive at best. But what happens if you sent in a kind of viral meme bomb that would overtake the ideas of the people and bend them towards being less antagonistic, or worse, destroying themselves? I tend to view this war through machiavellian tinted glasses, and i think that while you are right about the fact that the idealogical war on america has been somewhat succesful, it hasn’t crippled our reaction to terrorism. If anything it has taught us an important lesson.

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Guilt itself isn’t transferrable (and nor is credit for things like the liberation of France, incidentally), but if you’re demonstrably benefiting from something your ancestors did then a little responsibility can be assumed (but doesn’t have to be – a lot of people (eg you) are going to be only too happy to scuttle away bleating consoling stuff about “bad Stalinist memes”).

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Why are so many people saying rich people more likely to lie on this survey than poor people? I don't see any evidence that being rich makes you feel guilty for being unhappy so you try to cover it up, even to the extent that you want to cover it up to researchers you will never know personally.

A common belief in rich countries is that people in Africa are poor but happy

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Personally, I think that ESR has become a biased against Mormons because of the SCO scandal. It should be known that there are many more mormons who are outraged by Darl and Co, than there are participating. Unfortunately, the only church members who seem to understand what’s going on are either SCO insiders, or outraged tech geeks who have no authority to do anything. Not to mention, nobody has even yet brought charges against the SCO people — so there’s nothing yet to complain about. Currently, in the eyes of the church, some members belong to a company that has a contract dispute that is so muddy, the finest judicial system in the world hasn’t even begun discussing it yet (discovery is still in it’s first decade …)

I feel that it is incorrect to say that additional wealth would not make rich people happier.

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It’s amazing how much of that stuff sounds like what we just generally call “political correctness.” Since I never hear the PC quoting Gramsci but do see them use his idea of the “hegemony,” it makes me wonder how much of this has simply been mainstreamed and where the origins are lost to the people most pushing them.