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The examination emphasizes comprehension, interpretation, and analysis of literary works. A specific knowledge of historical context (authors and movements) is not required, but a broad knowledge of literature gained through reading widely and a familiarity with basic literary terminology is assumed. The following outline indicates the relative emphasis given to the various types of literature and the periods from which the passages are taken. The approximate percentage of exam questions per classification is noted within each main category.

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CLEP Analyzing And Interpreting Literature Exam

The Analyzing and Interpreting Literature examination covers material usually taught in a general semester undergraduate course in literature. Although the examination does not require familiarity with specific works, it does assume that candidates have read widely and perceptively in poetry, drama, fiction, and nonfiction. The questions are based on passages supplied in the test. These passages have been selected so that no previous experience with them is required to answer the questions. The passages are taken primarily from American and British literature.

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature - CLEP Exam

The poetic glossary defined terms I needed to know for poetry. I read the experiences of previous test takers and they said they had a lot of questions on poetic terms. My experience was the exact opposite—I can say that I’m quite lucky in this regard. I was able to focus on interpreting the literature instead of frantically trying to recall definitions. Although on my actual exam there were approximately only five questions total that asked about poetic terms, reading this through the night before was helpful in that it gave me a new perspective on reading and analyzing poetry. By knowing the terms, I could identify certain aspects in poems and think about how the aspects contributed to the poem’s meaning.

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