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Students are asked to write literary analysis essays because this type of assignment encourages you to think about how and why a poem, short story, novel, or play was written. To successfully analyze literature, you’ll need to remember that authors make specific choices for particular reasons. Your essay should point out the author’s choices and attempt to explain their significance.

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Why might the original author/creator have chosen to produce this specific artifact in this way (and for whom)?
An awareness of both the intentional, obvious features of the artifacts and the unconscious, unintentional or culturally influenced aspects of the artifacts, such a biases or other historically-informed values and beliefs,
A concluding analysis that suggests the larger significance of the artifact(s) for its originating context as well as our own time, and
Precisely documented quotations or evidence from the primary sources (the artifacts) as well as secondary sources (research) via MLA or APA format; at least two (but no more than five in an essay of this length) relevant secondary sources should be referenced.
Suggested length: 4-6 pages

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Specific artifacts most likely are: paintings, photographs, advertisements, letters, first person accounts, newspaper columns, poems, legal briefs, or political documents.
Expectations: Cultural Analysis Essays should be composed to college-level standards of grammar and organization; your essay should be well developed with supporting evidence from both the artifact(s) at the focus of your analysis and relevant scholarly sources.
Strong written analysis includes the following:
A specific introduction that provides relevant, contextual background of the focus artifact or artifacts,
A clear statement of the overall interpretation to be offered in the essay, such as through a purpose statement or thesis,
A consistent interpretive focus on the features of the primary sources, the artifacts themselves: What do they express?

However, the historical analyst, Hans Kung, has written a book to shed some light on the subject.

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Details such as the lives of people in the time and place discussed; the opinions and audience of the author of the document; the biases inherent in the writing and how they are affected by the times; the degree to which the document is representative of the times; and the possible answers one document can provide regarding historical periods.

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By examining the historical document entitled "Will the Japanese Predominate?", one can clearly see that this piece was probably written just prior to the start of World War II, reflected the biases of a p...

In this essay I am going to analyse the play and its historical background.

Free historical analysis papers, essays, and research papers.

To write a literary analysis, you should focus on the fundamental elements of a piece of writing that make it stand out as a work of literature. Expand on and discuss certain elements in your analysis to write a clear and lucid essay.

Lee’s The Agency, is an example of historical fiction which is based in the Victorian era.

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By examining the historical contexts in the themes of progress, anti-enlightenment and technology, it can be seen that the misuse of progress is feared in the time of Orwell and Swift....

Beginning with examining the narrator is crucial for beginning the analysis of this novel....

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One text may simply provide context, or historical/artistic/political reference for the main text, and therefore need not occupy half of the essay's discussion or analysis.