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Aim of this essay is to differentiate and distinguish between the architectural academic realm and architectural real applications, what roles do avant-garde ideas play in creating this realm .

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Increased nationalism in England also sparked a revival of Gothic architecture.

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Ruskin's writings, notably 'The Seven Lamps of Architecture' (1849) and 'The Stones of Venice' (1853) in which he defended truthfulness of structure and richness of ornament in natural forms, were enormously influential.

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The temple of Athena Nike (Athena as a goddess of victory) is the smallest temple at the Acropolis in Athens, placed at its southwest corner, at the edge of a high cliff (see images above). Its construction was completed in the year 420 B.C.E., during the so called High Classical Period, according to the design of Kallikrates (the same architect who was responsible for the construction of the ). The temple by Kallikrates replaced an earlier small temple, which got completely destroyed during the .

Pugin, a convert to Roman Catholicism, linked the revival of Gothic architecture to the revival of religion in society.

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The Gothic novel is a stylistic mode or genre that uses a set of conventions to instill a feeling of fear, or uneasiness in the reader.These conventions could include, but are not limited to haunted spaces, light and dark, pointed architecture, and masks. Gothic novels traditionally used Europe as their setting, as we will see with Poe, but throughout the course we had the pleasure to see it imported to American towns, woods, and even the human mind. In this mode, the Gothic can work towards setting the mood of the reader towards the works as a whole, or more importantly, we saw that it can be used to help us examine our own haunted spaces. As you mentioned several times in the class, we all have our secrets and we all wear our masks. Good writing helps us to see beyond our own masks.

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The name "Gothic" comes from a kind of architecture from (christened as such by those who considered it barbaric in comparison to classical architecture, the name coming from the barbarian tribe of the Goths).

world. Of the four phases of Gothic architecture, both men preferred the Decorated. Consequently, that is what we find most of in Canada.

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The adherents of the Gothic Revival held the view that religions had produced their own supreme architectural forms that best expressed their ethos and spirit. Thus Renaissance architecture, which sought its inspiration from the "heathen" temples of Rome, was dismissed as pagan. Only Gothic represented the full flowering of the Christian faith.

In 1452 he wrote 'De re aedificatoria' (Ten Books on Architecture), which was the first theoretical essay on building.

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Since a great many of the early settlers in Ontario were from the United Kingdom, it is not surprising that their buildings often contain details found in English Gothic and medieval architecture. Many elements of stone buildings in England are translated into wood on cottages and smaller residences in Ontario Gothic Revival buildings. The overall effect is eclectic and usually ornate. The Gothic Cottage is probably the most pervasive Ontario residential style prior to 1950.

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This soon changed and it became commonplace for cathedrals to utilize pointed arches, rose windows, and flying buttresses during their conception- all of which were incredibly distinctive to and indicative of the Gothic style of architecture....